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  1. Medical Assistants the new RNs???

    I worked at a clinic as an MA through the registry after I got my license because there were no RN jobs for New Grads at the time. The clinic had one nurse for patient education, but the rest of the staff was comprised of MAs. The MAs were fantastic...
  2. I have a situation... Sort of :)

    I think that you start the new job as planned. There is no reason in this job market that you should think you are a shoe in for any job. You may not get this new-new job at all. In nursing you are only as effective as how much you love your job, so ...
  3. Oh, side note. Finding a satisfying and stable career is never a bad move as a mother, especially when you only have to work 3 days a week.
  4. You have to figure that you are not going to have a life whether you are in an ADN program or a BSN program. They are equally time consuming. The difference is the types of classes that you are taking. My thought is, get it all done at once if you re...
  5. Any 2011 HRSA Loan Repayment News Yet?

    Has anyone heard from HRSA regarding loan repayment yet? Theoretically, we should get acceptances via e-mail or post by September 30th. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything yet?
  6. Student Nurse Mag question... Any help appreciated!

    It is a patient safety thing. 1) All of your infusion rates are different - 125 ml/hr for your LR, 200/hr for your loading and 50/hr for your maintenance dose. 2) If you hang your 1000ml mag bag as a piggyback it will be higher on the pole than yo...
  7. Experiences with Rock Med?

    I am going to be volunteering for Rock Med this year, just wanted to know if anyone else here had ever done that? What should I expect my responsibility to be as an RN at the shows? How far do the MDs take their practice at the venues - i.e. starting...
  8. How do you teach students on the floor?

    Thank you all for the advice. With my first student I did check in with her for everything, the relationship seemed very natural. She had 3 patients but only one of them was my patient - however, she was always present, always around, always asking m...
  9. This month I have had to add a new process to my nursing - working with students on the unit. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on the best way to do this? My first time with a student was lovely, she was on top of things, her charting was grea...
  10. Didnt do well on my First Test =(

    So here is my advice, keep reading your rationales. Keep asking questions and figuring out why you got wrong what you got wrong. You will see similar questions in the future. All the way up through the NCLEX. Fundamentals is hard because you are lear...
  11. Didnt do well on my First Test =(

    43 - Appropriate reimbursement for services being denied. Remember this mantra "if it's not documented, it hasn't been done." So the only way that the insurance will reimburse the claim (pay for your time, the catheter, etc.) is if the nurse writes d...
  12. Didnt do well on my First Test =(

    14. D - The only time that you will see which people are on is to make sure the knowledge and skills of the staff fits the specific needs of the patients. None of the others seem relevant. A is a trick, you wouldn't need to know WHICH nurses/aides ar...
  13. Didnt do well on my First Test =(

    I don't like question 8, but unlicensed persons cannot assess or teach. Those belong to RNs alone. So documenting the nursing process...no. That belongs to the nurse. Can't give any type of medication at all...so C is out. A routine physical exam req...
  14. Didnt do well on my First Test =(

    Im a little hesitant to answer hahaha what if I get them wrong too!?!? Here goes: For #1 I would have put B - draw lines through the space because you never go back and "fix" a chart. Both nurses made mistakes in this situation. The nurse who forgot ...
  15. Getting off on the wrong foot

    You can bounce back from anything as long as you don't make it a habit and you apologize.