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    Totally my fault I signed for 2 breathing treatments I did not give, it was paper system I was not paying attention and just went and signed for everything that said 8pm. It never comes off your license. That happened 11 years ago and I’ve always stayed with the same company in that time. I am now getting laid off and can not find a job.
  2. meeks


    Are there any successful Lpns that have discipline on their license? Have you gone on to get your RN and find a job?
  3. meeks

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    I absolutely hate nursing!! I’ve been here for 20 years now stuck. When I first graduated I felt I could take on the world and do everything. The first 10 years of job hopping knocked me down, stamped on me, then chewed me up and spit me back out. I now work in a jail. I love my job, however I really do minamal nursing now. I pass meds pretty much simple easy non fatal ones at that. I feel safe so I have stayed at this low paying, non skill using place, simply because it doesn’t suck the life out of me.
  4. meeks

    RN with public Reprimand Inspiration

    I do see this is somewhat of an older post, but I just really needed to hear this I too received public reprimand with no restrictions and have not tried to get a job. I have been afraid and discouraged. I have remained at my current job for 9 years very afraid to try. I too made a documentation error and did not really understand what was happening at the time. I think this post just gave me a little courage to get out there and try.
  5. meeks

    I need help

    has anyone who has recievied disiplinary action ever been abled to get a job? LPNs are a dying breed I have recieved the lowest form of disiplinary action the board gives out but is it realistic to think that ill ever be able to get a job again considering ill have to disclose it to every employer for the rest of my life? I feel like I just got a death sentence.
  6. meeks

    I need help

    I am an LPN in the state of nevada where health care standards are very low, I had an unremarkable record for the last 10 years in the field, recently I made a documentation error I recivied the lowest form of disipline, but the fact remains ill need to disclose this to every potential employer for the rest of my life. So is it even worth it to try to get a job? and how many employers actually hire people that have disiplinary action? and if I do get happen to get a job am I always going to have to take the worst positions out there? Why are nurses the only proffession that the first time you a little mistake that endangered no one, your condemed for the rest of your life? I feel im young enough to start looking for some way to go into something different I am 29, it just stinks that i spent every penny I had going to school for something ill never be able to get a job in.
  7. meeks

    Discouraed and about to give up on Nursing

    I feel for you I came to nevada after working in NY for 4 years state standards are very low here I came to nevada as a young energentic nurse who loved it I am now thinking of giving my licence up this state has made me sick the understaffing is horrible, fast used to be my middle name untill I came into a sticky situation where i signed for something i should not have on accident, I am now condemed for the rest of my carrer due to that i recived the lowest form of disiplinary action you can, from the nursing board but no employer cares i have to disclose this for the rest of my life so you can imangine i have not been able to find a job, Ive been a nurse for eight years now speed comes with time but accuracy is more important so now matter how the DON or supervisor mentor or anyone else tells you your slow, tell them accuracy is more important then speed, my advice would be get out while you still can, no one is going to be protecting your licence in the end. Nursing is the only proffession where they dump so much work on you your worried about the speed compromsing quality and no one other then nurses seem to care.