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  1. afi06

    I finally passed!!!!!

    Thanks all,I know I worked very hard but it was well worth it because I can now see the results,@ dayshiftnurse, when I have my baby I will take my time to search for a job that would work well with my children's schedule because I don't want to neglect them.Good luck to those testing soon.
  2. afi06

    Alberta LPN writing exam next week

    Well I once lived in Calgary and did the LPN exam about 5years(long time) but back then I justs studied using the Nlcex-pn books and I found the exam to be a bit easy after using that book and all it had was just practice questions,but I now live in the states and am now an RN,good luck with your exam you will do fine.
  3. afi06

    I finally passed!!!!!

    I would like to thank anyone and everyone who ever helped me when I was preparing for the NCLEX-RN exam, I first attempted the exam in August and failed which really devasted me because I had a good job offer which I had to let go but then I encouraged myself by saying that this exam will not defeat me and started preparing and also praying too because I am heavily pregnant and I know the challenges one faces while been pregnant but I didn't let that stop me,I took a well deserved trip to Canada for 2month and came back prepared to study hard for the exam,I started studying like someone who had never taken the exam before I used Saunders 4th ED & CD, Prioritization,Delegation and assignment, and exam cram to prepare for the exam and only prepared within 3weeks and covered content areas where I was weak at(very,very,important) and practiced questions like there was no tomorrow and I must tell you I got cold feet several times that I changed my dates 5times till I finally decided that December 23rd would be my final testing date,this time God took control of the exam not me because when I started testing the questions looked familiar to me and in cases where I had no clue what the right answer was I was able to eliminated 2options right away and I only answered 75questions before the computer shut down on me and I thot it was going to tell me to take a break so I turned around and waved at the proctor and he told me to look back at my screen and take the survey and that was when I realised that I was done in an hour and 15mins,I just thank God because all I asked for christmas was a gift like this and he made it possible, I got home and tried the PVT 2 times and got the good pop-up and finally my name appear on my BON website.So if I can do it while been almost 9months pregnant I know anyone can do it too.My next task is to have my baby and start searching for a job.Goodluck to all who are testing soon don't be afraid just prepare hard and go take the exam.
  4. afi06

    Boards 01/20

    You just have to start from somewhere I was like that the first time I had to start preping for the exam but the drive I got was when most of my classmates had gone and taken the exam and passed so I got motivated and started reading for the exam and I can tell you the longer you wait the more uninterested you become towards reading,goodluck with reading and start with maybe 10-20questions just to get you in the mood.
  5. I used Saunders and I practiced more than 2000 questions off the cd and also read the contents from each chapter but I know that was a lot but I was trying to understand each disease and also strategies for understanding the questions and I finally got it,I wasn't bothered with what my grades were but rather I focused on the rationales like what other people have mentioned here too that way you know the reason why you got the question right or wrong and it makes you think critically and also remember that NCLEX is a perfect world so everything has to be perfect, good luck with your studies and know that any book that you find comfortable studying from should become your friend and guide don't mix up too many books.
  6. afi06

    nclex question...can someone please answer this question?

    To answer you question I am going to make reference to Saunders page 1029 I am hoping you have one, under interventions it mentions that: 1) Elevate the HOB 30-40 degrees as prescribed,2) instruct the client to avoid straining activities,such as coughing and sneezing, to now answer your question option A would have been the right answer butthe postion you have up there indicates high fowlers not semi fowlers,I would always encourage you to always use a well reliable textbook to support some of your curiousities because some of the questions posted on some websites have some wrong informations but they are good websites but follow my advise because I have been there before and also know your contents too,good luck with your studies.
  7. afi06

    Failed Nclex 2x...3rd in 4 weeks HELP ME

    Hi Murphyal,I understand how you feel and I am also planning to take my exam sometime in December and I am also from the Milwaukee area too so if you need a study partner we can work together towards achieving the goal of passing this exam.I am using several books(Saunders,P,D & A by LaCharity).Good luck with your studying....
  8. afi06

    Took NCLEX-RN 4 the 2nd time in PA today!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I rejoice with you and I know that the heaven also do too,just as God has answered your prayers so likely will he do for me when I retake soon,God bless...
  9. Congratulations Havefaith08, you story is very uplifting and I know that my next trial at the exam will yield me great result just like yours,in my first attempt I dodn't know what I was search for in terms of the right answer but now that I am studing harder I have a better knowledge about information,I'm also using th saunders book and practicing questions too.Good luck in your career
  10. afi06

    Nclex style questions???????

    Thank you for making it much clearer.:yeah:
  11. afi06

    Nclex style questions???????

    Please also include examples of questions relating to an analysis,application and computation questions,thanks you
  12. afi06

    Nclex style questions???????

    I have read a couple of threads and responses and I am still trying to wrap my head around what it means when people say they got analysis,application and computation questions,I know that I am asking a stupid question but it will also make me understand better when I study for my exam,thanks to those that respond....
  13. afi06

    Finally an RN on my second time!

    Your story is so motivating because my case is so similar to yours,I retake very soon,but when I was preparing the first time I never took the time to really understand the content all I knew was that I was spending 8hours in the library going through about 200 questions and thinking that I was prepared until I faced the exam and knew better but now I am taking my time to really understand the content,CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! you deserve the best:yeah:
  14. afi06

    waiting for nclex results over 6 weeks now!!!

    Have you tried the pearson vue trick? I guess that will help calm your nerves,I don't have a link to the instructions but if you look closely to other threads you might find the instruction on how to check if you passed or failed,good luck.
  15. afi06

    Pearson Vue Trick and Friends...

    I know how you feel knowing that your friend failed while you passed,but the best thing you can do for this person is to let him know the truth because the trick really work as you can see from the 4,700 responses,so after informing your friend help him through the grieving process and also looking for strategies on how to pass the next time,hope this helps...
  16. afi06

    Where do I start from?????

    Kaybdt6,thank you for the information,you see it's more of I am going through some anxiety issue because when I took the exam the first time I didn't know what looked right or wrong because I got too overwhelmed and ended up having 230 questions but now I need to understand how to answer questions with confidence and also be able to eliminate the wrong answer without second guessing myself.I am still having difficulties differentialing signs and symptoms form each disease and also knowing when a lab result is low or high what it means,so you see I think I have a long way to go to been prepared for this exam.I am open for any study group or anyone willing to help me pass this exam so that I can give this as a gift to my unborn baby soon.