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  1. Best schedule for single mother

    It's now been set to every other weekend and I have insurance since my soon to be ex doesn't want to get insurance for the children.
  2. Best schedule for single mother

    I've also had my other friends offer as well. I've contemplated hiring someone to watch the kids.
  3. Best schedule for single mother

    I have found a preschool teacher from my church who offered to watch the kids during the weekend.
  4. I recently became a single mother with two small children and one entering kindergarten. I have limited support from my friends and live near no family. I've been a stay at home mom for two years until now. My primary nursing experience has been the ...
  5. To relocate for a job or not

    Yeah I live in a small to medium size town. My spouse and his family are from where we are now. All my extended family is elsewhere. We have house here and I have lived there couple years with two small children. I'm definitely the breadwinner in the...
  6. To relocate for a job or not

    Wear a t shirt and jeans after work is Monday after all. Tonight cheese pizza sounds good;)
  7. To relocate for a job or not

    Would you relocate for a better job opportunity if salary is better and lower cost of living? Currently live in small town where career growth is very limited.
  8. Duke University Hospital

    I was looking at Duke for the OR area. Sounds pretty good.
  9. Labor deliv RN moving to the triangle

    I'm needing insight as well. Hopefully we can get a local to respond
  10. Duke University Hospital

    Okay..anyone? Someone :)
  11. Duke University Hospital

    Hey all. I was looking to relocate to North Carolina and have interview with Duke University Hospital. I am not familiar with the hospital. How is the reputation, nurse environment, salary? Is it a good hospital and good to work for?
  12. move for job opportunities and reluctant spouse

    Yes we have two young children 3 and under.
  13. move for job opportunities and reluctant spouse

    I'm very worried that I will lose my job at any time and we will be in trouble. I'm trying to make my husband understand. I know he doesn't want to leave his hometown but there is no job opportunities here or anything in this small town.
  14. move for job opportunities and reluctant spouse

    I never looked into working from home to be honest. I've seen case management jobs but they always required experience in that area. No health insurance companies around here. I enjoy patient interactions and trying to be in facilities that would hel...
  15. move for job opportunities and reluctant spouse

    Yes I have six years experience as RN. I've had job offers from all over except near the town we live in. Big university hospitals offering relocation, higher salary, good benefits and full time.