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  1. DeniseTN

    Old Fashioned Nurse's Cap Case

    My instructor went to nursing school in the 1960's. She still wears the traditional white uniform to clinicals. She mentioned the other day that she has been wanting a traditional carrying case for her nurse's cap. She said she had one years ago, but it disappeared. She's just using a makeshift case right now. She said that it was made of white plastic. I have Googled this like a mad woman and cannot even find a picture of one. I'd love to surprise her with one at our pinning ceremony. Does anyone know what she is talking about or where I can find one? (This is the only cap case I can find...I'm pretty sure this isn't like the old kind though.)
  2. DeniseTN

    foley catheter kunundrum

    Without actually being there to feel it, I can't tell you for certain...but it sounds like it might have been in just the right spot. Normally a female only needs 2 to 4 inches. I hope she was undergoing IV therapy to replace fluids! She sounds VERY dehydrated.