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  1. rokclimbear

    Loma Linda, CA travel assignment

    Have you started your assignment? I just got an offer today for LLU ER and I wanted feedback from other travelers as well.
  2. rokclimbear

    CCRN exam

    The CCRN review on itunes is free. It's by Kathy Fincher?
  3. rokclimbear

    Mission accomplished..... RN CEN CCRN status

    Ryan, Congrats! Did you use the PASS CCRN book for your practice exams, if not which ones do you recommend?
  4. rokclimbear

    New CEN Exam

    Can I get a pin too? :yeah:Yup, that's right I passed my CEN. Not by much, put passing is passing. I also used the CEN 4th edition review manual and the ENA's Core Curriculum book. I felt prepared for the exam until I started taking it. I didn't think that any more studying could have dramatically improved my score. I think I needed techniques on how to stay focused throughout all 175 questions! I practiced at home by taking 150 questions test in one sitting and 'no' distractions but then I found myself answering too slowly when I took the actual test. It made me panic a bit when I had 1.5 hr left and I was still on question #80. I also made sure my breathing has subsided a bit before I started the exam. I was too nervous! I played around with the camera, took different angle shots before I calmed down and got down to business. I was so happy that I hugged the H&R employees!
  5. rokclimbear

    If you could do it all over.....

    It's a good thing that you recognize that you are on the brink of burnout. Now, you can do something about it. I was pretty lucky I guess, that I was hired into a new grad RN program in which I was able to float in tele, med-surg & psych before choosing a dept I would like to apply to. I knew already though that I wanted to work in the ER so after 3 months of tele, I applied. I worked in the ER for a few years. However, I quickly got myself in a very similar situation as you. I still consider myself as a newbie. I can handle the patient load, it's the politics that I can't deal with. I resigned just a few days ago. I don't have any jobs lined up and I'm enjoying taking a breather. Sometimes, the healer gets wounded too right? I guess to answer your original question, I wouldn't really change my decision in going into nursing. Though I missed out on many college parties (since I stayed in my hometown and went with the ADN route), I don't really regret it much. I have no debt and I met my honey through the same nursing program. This is silly but here's a nursing care plan I made for myself: Nursing dx: At risk for emotional & physical burnout Nursing intvn: Resigned from clinical nurse position; taking a long guilt free vacation for 6 months; returning to school- pursue a MSN Outcome: the workplace might still be the same but I will be a better me
  6. We had a really drunken teen in the ED. He was rude to the staff, really abnoxious. His mother filmed him via iphone and the nurses who were involved in his care was in it. She was told she was not allowed to do so.I don't think the lead nurse was aware of the actual 'rules' against camera use in the ER and reasoned that "cellphone activity could interact with the hospital machines" instead.The mom stopped and said she wasn't going to do anything with the clip. It was a busy night so we more or less forgot about it. The patient was discharge with the mom. Before the staff left for the day, the mom & son came back and she made him (now sober) apologize to everyone involved in his care. She showed him the video of him drunk in front of everyone and he was really embarrassed as he apologized to the nurses who were in the clip.
  7. rokclimbear

    moving to Fort Worth!

    What's even more terrifying is giving up a perfectly good full time job in the department of my choice in San Diego, California and moving to Fort Worth! My honey just got in to TCU's CRNA program and will be starting school in the fall. I am contemplating with the idea of trying out travel nursing and moving with him when he starts school. My recruiter (who is highly recommended by a fellow ER nurse) is very assuring about finding me a decent position. I'm not totally impressed by the scenery in Fort Worth but I'm hoping the hospitals will have something better to offer (although it would be tough to beat California's RN to patient ratio law). I could sure use some info about which hospitals around Fort Worth (near TCU would be ideal) is worth considering or steering away from. Thanks!