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  1. nursing6207

    Follow up phone calls

    What type of questions do you feel are important to ask a pt when doing follow up phone calls after pt received chemo for the first time? The phone call will take place the next day. I'm trying to generate a checklist for work to make sure everything is addressed. Thanks
  2. nursing6207

    Cover letter please revise

    Thank you guys so much for the tips. I have writers block like crazy and have a hard time putting words together to sound good on paper. Maybe this is called ADD :) Thanks again. This helps a lot.
  3. nursing6207

    Cover letter please revise

    Dear Human Resources; I am writing in reference to the recently posted position for a Clinical Nurse at the Cancer Center. I believe my training and experience closely match your requirements and my additional qualification in Oncology Nursing will make me an asset to your nursing staff. It was in Nursing School while studying Oncology and the many types of treatments that I became interested in Oncology Nursing. I began working at ****** in 2009 as a RN and chose to start my nursing career on *** floor to enhance my knowledge in medical, as well as, Oncology Nursing. While working with patients on **** floor, I have developed a passion in caring for Oncology patients. After building a comfortable foundation to broaden my nursing career, I took the initiative to become certified to administer chemotherapy. This has allowed me to have a greater understanding of the cancer patients we care for on our floor. I am humbled and inspired by the oncology patients I have cared for. If you give me the opportunity, I will dedicate myself to learning and working hard to maintain your unit's exceptional standards. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Sincerely,
  4. nursing6207

    is it wrong to sit on a patients bed?

    When I was in nursing school I was told the same thing. They are kinda up tight in nursing school. I do it now when I'm trying to comfort the patient. I think it's fine if they are ok with it too.
  5. nursing6207


    You tell the nurses to come get you if there's an emergency :) Otherwise, they are on their own. Sad, but there's no way you can have a full pt load + helping all of them. Does this happen to you a lot? Usually on my floor they pretty much know when you have pts and don't. If you do they don't tend to bug you with little things.
  6. nursing6207

    School advice

    I eventually want to go back to school for my masters degree. I need to take statistics to apply bc it was not required in my undergrad. I took a basic math in college and have not had any math coarses since. I graduated in 2008. Do you think I will survive statistics?
  7. nursing6207

    Nurses-How to be a blessing as a CNA?

    I agree with FelineRN, a lot of times CNA's think we are sitting around doing nothing but in reality, we are required to do soooo much charting and paperwork. We have a lot of great CNA's on our floor, and we have a lot of complainers. Somehow, at 12 midnight when they are complaining they haven't charted a single vital sign, they r still out the door on time every morning. Be proactive. When there's downtime, look for things to do to make the floor an overall better place to work. Granted, don't do this all the time bc downtime can be a good thing mentally for us all sometimes :) It's a very exhausting profession. But, to pass the time, I'm sure the VS machines could be sanitized or a sharps container could be changed. I work as CN a lot and I always look for things like this to do bc I feel like if I help the flow of the floor then everyone ends up less stressed in the end. Learn to prioritize your care. This is somethiing they don't teach you but you can learn with time. For example, we have a lot of NA's that will say "I can't take that person to the bathroom because I am taking this one, or feeding this one, so on." I feel like a better response would be "could u see if the nurse can go bc I am doing this and can't get there right this second. If she's busy will you buzz back into the pt and tell them it will be a couple of minutes but I will be there as soon as I can." This way, you haven't thrown it off on someone else who possibly can't get there right that second and the pt knows you got the msg and is informed. As a nurse we can't say "sorry I can't deliver you your pain medication because I am changing or feeding another pt right now." I feel like as long as you work as a team and keep your patients informed of what's going on then ppl usually end up happier. On another note, unfortunately, sometimes the harder you work the more some nurses will abuse you You will learn overtime who these nurses are. Hope this helps and good luck :)
  8. nursing6207

    Nursing Priority vs First nursing action

    If you don't apply oxygen, then they suffer air hunger while you're waiting for the lasix to kick in. That could result in other serious complications. ABC's.
  9. nursing6207

    I Wish I Could Get Away with It...

    Well it kinda is since she walked in on it while trying to do her job, right? I think it could go either way. Either the sister was reading the questions to her and she was looking it up and giving the answers.. Considering that her sister is a RN, it's unlikely she wasn't helping. It does stink that the professor was making her take the test while she was in the hospital and hadn't been to class to get the material herself from lecture. I think this probably made it tempting for her. Must have been a stressful time since she had been in the hospital and was forced to take a test. I agree, she will have to pass NCLEX in the end. Hopefully, if she really was cheating this would be her only time and she did it bc of the circumstances.
  10. nursing6207


    Ours are 2L. Thankfully we don't get them that much on our floor. We run then as fast as needed to clear the clots. Isn't that what it's for?
  11. nursing6207

    I notified the wrong family of a death

    You learned from the mistake and I'm sure others have too. Unfortunately in our profession mistakes happen. Learn from it and move on. It will make you a stronger nurse :)
  12. nursing6207

    CNAs doing things not under licensure?

    CNA II's can do this in NC. :)
  13. nursing6207

    Are YOU terrified to be a patient (and your loved ones, too!)

    We were just talking about this the other night at work. We said nurses can be the worse patients because we know what happens . If I'm ever hospitalized I will probably never try to use my call bell unless it's important, and I will never ask my nurse for ice cream and as soon as she gets back, ask her for something else. That's soooo annoying. I would however report when something was wrong and "fire" a nurse in a heartbeat if I didn't feel safe with them. I would try not to intimidate the nurse with my medical knowledge, I don't know if I'd even let it be known I was a nurse unless I needed too. (ex: to get their tails in gear) :). It is scary. It's also sad that a lot of it, or at least at my hospital stems from being overworked or heavy pt loads. Then, on a easy day, people seem to think it's a vacation.
  14. My dad smoked in the home as I was growing up. I had mild asthma and he would tell me it wasn't because he smoked. I would open the window in my room to air it out and get introuble when he found out it was open. I think he was in denial. My little brother is having the same issue. I asked him many times to stop and please smoke outside but he didn't. WHen I moved out I coughed and coughed and coughed for months. So no I think they should have to go outside. It isn't fair to expose the children to your habits that affect yoou body and could affect their's negativly. JMHO
  15. I wish you the best of luck. Sounds like you have a great plan. NCLEX has probably changed a lot since the last time you took it, which will hopefully work to your full advantage. I studied Kaplan and it helped me a lot. Just remember when taking the NCLEX that most answers are right and you have to choose the best one. I think it would benefit you to study the material since you have been out of the field for so long but don't forget to do practice questions. You have to find a program whose questions are most like the NCLEX and practice practice practice. Good luck!!! Keep us posted and don't ever give up on your dreams :)
  16. nursing6207

    Just a thought

    I have been a nurse for almost 3 years. I work on a very busy medical floor. Is it normal to feel like due to liability that your job and license is always on the line? I constantly feel like I need to have a back up plan just incase nursing falls through in my future. I just feel like anything could happen in such a busy environment. I have also been functioning as a CN over the past year and the thought of being responsible for all of the nurses and pts on the floor is scary to me. I'm the bread winner of the family so maybe that's what keeps these thoughts in the back of my mind? Just wanted to get some advice on how others feel. Thanks