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  1. MA's being used as "nurses"

    I work in an office that just started hiring MA's. They are required to wear colored tops and white pants. The RN's and LPN's wear all white. They are also reqruired to answer the phone Dr. so and so's assistant. The MA's are actually not even sup...
  2. they are still laughing

    A few weeks ago we were having an even more busy then usual day at the clinic I work for. As I was on one phone, the other three lines were ringing and my doctor (internal med/pediatrician) was standing in my doorway with a patient who needed his ppd...
  3. indigent programs

    I would like to know how any other office nurses are handeling the rising number of patients who cannot afford their medicine. I work for a internist/pediatrician so I have young and old. The ones who cannot afford the medicine are my older senior'...