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lailaniboriqua specializes in LTC.

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  1. lailaniboriqua

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    I wanted to be an assassin/sniper/spy for the US GOVERNMENT...
  2. lailaniboriqua

    What's your favorite nursing/nurses' prayer?

    I recite this prayer every morning as I'm driving to work and one last time as I walk through the door.
  3. lailaniboriqua

    Best Nursing Quotes

    "I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.", Helen Keller
  4. lailaniboriqua

    Rude Nurses

    I loved having students on my floor! When I see students eager to practice what they've learned, it makes me happy to facilitate such growth. Yes, it eats up a lot of my time but when a student approaches me with a sincere Thank You, then its definitely worth it! We've all been in the same position. I can remember the fear I had my first day at clinicals, my hands were shakey my mind was racing and I felt very faint. I just wanted this day to be over. Then a blessing in the form of a nurse appeared. She was the nurse I had been assigned to shadow. I'll never forget her first words to me, "Take a deep breath, release the tension and above all dare to be inquisitive". The day I was dreading the most was the day I wanted never to end! Before I left, I thanked that nurse for allowing me to shadow her. I also apologized for taking up a lot of her time with questions. Her last words to me that day were, "I was like you once and one day you'll be in my position and someone will be like you. Never pass up an opportunity to encorage growth in learning ". She went above and beyond what I expected! She started the positive chain reaction and I intended to keep it going.
  5. lailaniboriqua

    New LPN, this is HARD. Need advice.

    I felt the same way my first day in LTC. I recently was followed on my med pass by an RN who works for the pharmacy we use. The point was for her to mimic the surveyors. Lets just say it went terrible. I almost quit because of how inadequate and useless I felt. Needless to say all my med's were late. After boatloads of reassurance from my fellow coworkers and my DON, I came to accept the fact that I can only do my best. My DON assured me that with time it will get better. So my advice for you is : Don't doubt your capabilities. And don't beat yourself up about time management. As time passes you will get to know the needs of your patients and be able to plan accordingly. Be a sponge. ABSORB THE POSITIVE, RELEASE THE NEGATIVE.
  6. lailaniboriqua

    Nurses and Coffee

    I am addicted to Starbucks' Venti Cafe Americano, Black with an 2 shots extra of expresso.. (I dont drink coffee for the taste) The irony is I used to despise coffee-- until I started Nursing school.
  7. lailaniboriqua

    your favorite way to stay in shape

    I love cardio kickboxing and step aerobics classes. If I had the extra energy, I'd wake up and train before work and then train afterward. LOVE THE GYM!!
  8. lailaniboriqua

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I passed!!
  9. Actually I haven't taken the Nclex yet. I actually recieved my Nclex registration packet in the mail today. To be quite honest, I am happy I decided to go the LVN route. I the think the experience of LVN school gave me a taste of what is to come when I start RN school this coming August. For the most part, GCC is a good school. The instructors I had were all amazing! The class schedule is generally from 9am-3:30 (this was my schedule) and my clinical schedule varied depending on the locations..sometimes i would have clincals on sundays from 2pm-11pm and other times i would have clinicals from 7am-3:30 in Lincoln Heights.. The class is usually divided into two clinical groups and then you do a lottery selection to determine which clinical site you are assigned to..Usually you are allowed to switch clinical sites with other students if they are willing.. At GCC you must maintain a minimum of 80% in all of the 4 levels. anything below and you are placed on probation and most likely if you dont bring it up you are terminated.. My class started with 47 students and ended with 18. Its a hard program but also very rewarding..I do feel like GCC's instructors did right by me and my class.. Hope this helped
  10. Im a recent grad (2-18-09). If you have any questions that havent already been answered, feel free to ask me..:)
  11. lailaniboriqua

    The College Network and LPN-RN @ Indiana State

    Thank you so much for helping me clarify this...This is a huge help. Perhaps the jump from lvn-bsn seems bigger to me than it really is..I've recieved alot of mixed information from various sources about the actual breakdown of the lvn-bsn program..My instructor at my lvn school has told me time and time again that there is a vast amout of difference between an LVN and an RN (that part i understand)...I apologize if I sound like im missing the point which im sure i am.. I just want to know what takes place in regards to the training at network college within the LVN-RN-BSN transition ..i understand that one must be an RN inorder to become an BSN, so with that said, does the preceptor help the LVN by guiding them when it comes to doing and learning procedures that an LVN needs to know as an RN? Does the preceptor help in the transition from the LPN's scope of practice to the RN's scope of practice?... I sound so redundant..IM SOOO TIRED..IM SORRY I COULDN'T ARTICULATE MY QUESTIONS BETTER..
  12. lailaniboriqua

    The College Network and LPN-RN @ Indiana State

    Im based in California so the LPN-ADN isnt an option... Please correct me if I am wrong but I assumed that the LVN-BSN bridge program was setup so that the LVN was able to transition into becoming an efficient RN (with adequate training provided clinically), then once that milestone has been reached the bsn portion of the program would come into play.. How is an LPN supposed to gain the clinical skill that differentiates an LPN from an RN?
  13. lailaniboriqua

    The College Network and LPN-RN @ Indiana State

    I was considering the College Network as an option for my Lvn-bsn bridge...While on their site, I noticed that they said that the clinical instructors were there to TEST OUT ONLY, not to teach.. So, heres my question.. If the provided instructors are there for TESTING OUT purposes only, how do the students acquire the Clinical instruction that is generally provided by the instructor? Im completely baffled..