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  1. djos

    Where are you from?

    I am in Vancouver British Columbia, on my way to Dallas Texas
  2. djos

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    'ready for review' showed only for one day and then the next day it said certified on their website, should be hopefully getting it in the mail today or Monday. hope this helps,
  3. djos

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    my status said the same thing yesterday and now today it said certified and the VS was shipped out today via UPS mail and should get here in 2 days and I am in Canada.
  4. djos

    UK BSN seeking move to USA

    I am a canadian nurse and trying to get hired in public health as that is my area here in Canada, I've gone through the whole process just waiting for the visa screen certificate to be processed. I had a job interview in public health in Florida this past August and they said they couldn't hire me without a nursing license but FBN won't issue me a license until I show a copy of a social security number. Which I hope this visa screen would guide me in this direction, still finding my way there also, but I do apply for jobs on their government website people first and I hear it is the best way try to get into the government jobs for public health. good luck!
  5. djos

    Public Health Nursing

    have you tried applying on line to people first employment website for florida government jobs?
  6. djos

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    This whole visa screen is a nightmare and I am still waiting for it to be processed, as I am relocating to the area of central florida, Tampa, lakeland area and the only road block I have is I work in public health and I did have an interview there is August this year and the nursing manager could not hire me but wanted to but their HR department says they couldn't hire me, cause I did not have florida licence althougth I've completed all the requirments for FBN however they cannot issue me a licence because I need to fax a copy of a Social security number and then they will issue me an license, just this one thing I need. The question is does any one know if this visa screen certificate will be sent to homeland security and then inform the social security office for the reason that I need the number or do I need visa screen certificate and a offer of employment like (letter of employment) and take this to the border to process a TN visa? Would appreciate if someone knew exactly the order of all this, as I am not going through an agency I get passed the buck from FBN to social security offices to CGFNS. CGFNS peolple on the phone can't even answer these immigration questions which I find odd cause this is a federal requirement and yet they still give you this homeland security number which I can't even get through the line here from Canada, and it is a 1 800 number. jeepers can anyone make this any simpler, any suggestions anyone?