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I'm married with two children

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  1. LeesaRN

    VA app. process

    You need to get in touch with the recruiter. I recommend that you keep calling until you make a connection. She will give you the number to a person who will give you a Vet pro pass code, Keep her number by the phone while you are filling in the information if you happen to have any questions. I had a lot because I thought it was kind of confusing, and didn't want to make any mistakes. I'm not sure if they are hiring any new applicants but always keep calling because people move to different areas with in the VA system and also to different location in the country. Feel free to pm me for more details.:heartbeat Good Luck Leesa
  2. LeesaRN

    VA app. process

    I started the whole process in February. I'm still waiting but I just graduated and they are waiting for my final transcripts. The whole precess takes a while, Vetpo is how they verify back ground and references etc. You need a physical and don't forget the dreaded interview. Again the processes is a bit lengthly but hey its worth it. I did my preceptor ship there and I loved it. The staff was great and the patients were very appreciative. And hey the benefits are off the chain. I have three of classmates who will be working there. Again the process is long but its worth it kinda like nursing school .Ha Ha :heartbeat Leesa
  3. LeesaRN

    NCLEX RN (I took my boards TODAY)

    Congrats and thanks for the insite. Leesa
  4. LeesaRN

    taking my test tom.

    Good Luck my prayers are with you today. I pray for everyone daily. Remember with God all things are possible. Leesa :heartbeat
  5. LeesaRN

    May 2009 Graduates!!! Do you have a job yet?

    I graduate in May and just received an offer at the VA in Missouri 22.23 an hour 10 percent nights and 25 percent on weekends. I'm thrilled, a girlfriend in my class 65 applications and 2 interviews and no job. Only two in my class of 45 have jobs that were not techs prior. Good luck to all.
  6. LeesaRN

    VA Hospital

    yes, it's the St. Louis VA. I don't know why they told you that. You should call, the nurse recruiter is Mary coleman. Good Luck
  7. LeesaRN

    VA Hospital

    I was just hired as a Student RN for 22.23 an hour. I have no past medical experience. I don't know who told what but thats the truth. It does take a while for all the red tape. I will be starting in June after I graduate, I'm so excited. The benefits are great.
  8. LeesaRN

    Flo Valley or Forest Park?

    I am a forth semester student at Forest Park and I think we have at least 5 to 10 student who transfered to Forest Park for Florissant Valley. They have a high passing rate because it's survival of the fittest. I guess if you are a strong student then go for it. Nursing School is nothing like your prerec's. I love Forest Park. You can call your instructors at home if you have any questions ,I kid you not. They are so supportive. I was on both lists myself and I am so glad I got into Forest Park first. congrats on getting into nursing school and I wish you well Leesa P.S. Luvs2readlotsRN Congrats
  9. LeesaRN

    VA Hospital

    Could anyone give me some info on working at the Va Hospital. I will be graduating in May 2009
  10. LeesaRN

    Salary for new nurse in St. Louis

    bookluvr2, Could you please P.M. me also with that information. I will be graduating in May and could use the info. Thanks Leesa:heartbeat
  11. Sorry Look how far you come so far. Your starting Nursing school!!!!!!! Hang in there. You will be such a roll model for you children. When your married you are partners, and if he doesn't want to partner up.....Partner out. School will be over in a blink, don't be afraid, you can do it. Things are going to suffer, your children won't but your house might. You always have us for support. :icon_hug:You Go Girl. Leesa
  12. LeesaRN

    Pt. nonresponsive on transfer to SNF

    WOW, I'm sorry for you situation with that patient, but hey you saved his life. That is awesome, as a NS soon to be R.N. I hope to some day be the kind of R.N. you are. :redbeathe Leesa
  13. LeesaRN

    Fundamental of nursing

    We used Potter and Perry for fundamentals. Make sure you utilize the Evolve web site. If you have any questions about the end of the chapter review answers, ask you instructors because we found a few to be incorrect. The Evolve Web site has practice quizzes. They really helped me. Good Luck
  14. LeesaRN

    What a terrible way to start off the new year

    I agree with the previous posters. Dust you self off and get back out there. Things unfortunately don't come easy. Nursing school is full of that. People will tell you things just to hear themselves speak and know nothing about what they are talking about. Investigate, you will learn along this journey, there are peaks and valley's. You will have to build a thick skin to deal with things that happen. Not making light of your situation, I left school many times near tears but hey, time heals and I learned from the situation, just as you will. One day you will tell a nursing student your situation and they too will learn something from this experience. You will be an inspiration of determination.:heartbeat Hang in there
  15. LeesaRN

    Nurses, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

    Hope to graduate in May of 09. I hope in five to ten years to be a clinical instructor like the one I have in my clinical rotation. Having good instructors make school more enjoyable for all involved.:clpty:
  16. LeesaRN

    considering nursing school at 45 yo

    Pete, from one gray hair to another I'm pround of you and your other fellow student. Sometimes we older students have a purpose so don't vote us off the island. HA HA HA.