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married, two children- both in college; stayed home to raise them

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  1. The Influence of the Influenza Vaccine:

    I received the flu vaccine last Thursday, Nov. 6. On Nov. 11, I noted petechiae on my lower extremities. I am a bit scared.
  2. Be My Friend at the End

    For 3 years I worked part-time as a nurse and part-time as a chaplain. For the last 3 months I have worked only as a chaplain -so I am doing this instead of nursing. I did not want to move away from bedside nursing and it was becoming too difficult f...
  3. Be My Friend at the End

    I actually earned a divinity degree and became a chaplain. I work in a University Medical Center with at Level I Trauma Center. Thanks to all.
  4. Our Death-Denying Society (Revisited)

    I am both a chaplain and a nurse; I feel awkward sometime as a chaplain when asked to pray for patients that seem "dead" to me. I have learned to pray: "God, the family asks....." - I feel this honors the family's requests and seems comforting as wel...
  5. How do you deal with some of the things you see?

    Hi, I am a med-surg nurse who obtained a Master of Divinity and am doing a year-long chaplain residency at a Level I Trauma Center that includes a burn unit. I am developing a presentation entitled "Tools for Processing Grief for Burn Unit Staff." I...
  6. Be My Friend at the End

    It was exciting to work on a busy medical-surgical floor. Although I was occasionally overwhelmed, I can honestly say that I was never bored. After I became confident in administering physical treatments, starting IVs, placing foleys, and so forth, I...
  7. I have to speak up for Southern Hills Medical Center. I went back to nursing after 20 years at home. I took a refresher course at Vanderbilt the summer of 2003. I applied several places in middle Tennessee, including Vanderbilt (at the time I was loo...
  8. long hiatus from nursing - can't get a job

    Hi Eltrip, Thanks for taking the time to write this helpful reply. I am slowly adjusting. I think I need to write down some of the things that you have said. So far most people have been understanding. I sometimes forget to check the lab reports but...
  9. Online documentation

    Maybe I will like it better the more I get used to that and everything else. Dancer3
  10. Online documentation

    I am in orientation in a hospital in Tennessee doing online documentation, MediTech. I have not worked in a hosptial in over 20 years. Back then we wrote everything with pen and paper. Thanks to my husband, I am used to the computer world. My obse...
  11. long hiatus from nursing - can't get a job

    cheerfuldoer: Thanks for the encouragement. I am just a little nervous as my orientation is almost over. I hope I do alright without my preceptor. She thinks I will! That's good about your friend back after 20 years. I hope your current posit...
  12. long hiatus from nursing - can't get a job

    eltrip, being assertive is something I need to work on a lot. I tend to be way too nice. While I don't think I need to be rude, I do need to state what I think and not just play along. I will keep your remarks in mind. I do have a job now at South...
  13. long hiatus from nursing - can't get a job

    DJM: Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I did not make it to the job fair because I interviewed earlier with Vanderbilt. They just a couple of weeks ago wrote asking if I am interested in a few positions there. I began at Southern Hills in Na...
  14. long hiatus from nursing - can't get a job

    Hi NICURNto be: I did apply at Harton, but never heard anything. I now have a job at Southern Hills where I am being put through a good orientation. It has been pretty overwhelming, but I am getting more used to it. It just seems like I never get ...
  15. long hiatus from nursing - can't get a job

    Thanks Kcwintn and Brownms46. Your remarks are encouraging, especially in regards to returning nurses being a breath of fresh air. I will check out the Vandy job fair. If nothing comes open soon, I will check into the Headhunter idea. Dancer3