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ilovechadkrause has 4 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics.

A happily married, new LPN. I LOVE my chosen career!

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  1. ilovechadkrause

    Nurses Say the Darnedest Things!

    Funny story for you.... A patient came in to our ER on New Years Eve, presenting with golf balls in his rectum. He had placed them there himself, and couldn't get them out. After drinking 4L of Colyte, he finally passed the golf balls. The ...
  2. ilovechadkrause

    Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    Yes, I agree that people often don't realize how hard a nurse's job is, and how passionate one must be in order to be a GREAT nurse. I agree that some nurses are better than others. But I don't believe we need to do a screening process to enter nu...
  3. ilovechadkrause

    How can I stay in nursing after this weekend?

    WOW.... sounds like a very harsh work environment! I get the impression that your unit is very political, lots of cliques. Kind of like surviving high school.... only worse! ha Its unacceptable that people are emailing/texting while on the fl...
  4. ilovechadkrause

    How can I stay in nursing after this weekend?

    OrthoRN09 - what sort of unit do you work on? I work on a bus acute care unit, and we usually have a 5:1 ratio - I would LOVE to have a 2 or 3 patient work load! But, perhaps your patients have more complex problems? At any rate, it sounds much bet...
  5. ilovechadkrause

    How can I stay in nursing after this weekend?

    Yeah, I agree that a 7:1 ratio is WAY too high! We've had this happen several times on our unit, because people just don't show up, or they aren't able to fully staff a particular shift, Its just asking for problems.... On days like that, I re...
  6. ilovechadkrause

    How can I stay in nursing after this weekend?

    I just had a rough weekend too - worked 3 very BUSY day shifts in a row. I am not complaining - I love being a nurse.... but some days, I ask WHY am I still here? :loveya: It can be tough, especially if your unit is short staffed. I find that so...
  7. ilovechadkrause

    Palliative Care - How to Talk to Families

    The unit I work on has many palliative patients. I am very open to talking about the family's concerns, giving hugs, words of encouragement, etc. But, I often find myself at a loss for words. How can I comfort a family whose loved one is dyin...
  8. ilovechadkrause

    My First Code

    Towards the last few days of my comprehensive practicum, I experienced my first code blue. The very busy acute care unit I was working on had about 30 patients, with a 5 to 1 nurse, sometimes 6 to 1 patient ratio. We were running off our feet! I...
  9. ilovechadkrause

    Philippines pregnancy culture

    haha - Sorry about the user name confusion. My name is Chelsey. My husband is Chad. Thus, "I love Chad Krause." ha ha Just wanted to clarify! :)
  10. ilovechadkrause

    Philippines pregnancy culture

    I thought this website was helpful. Just a list of traditional prenatal practices. Enjoy! http://www.hawcc.hawaii.edu/nursing/RNFilipino_04.html
  11. And yet, somehow while caring for these individuals, I always found a way to communicate, a way to see the individual as unique, a way to value them for who they are. These people helped me identify my purpose as a nurse: to cross all boundaries, cul...
  12. ilovechadkrause

    Blurred Boundaries: Should we eliminate the distinction between RNs and LPNs?

    Thank you everyone for your insightful ideas and opinions. I think where some of the confusion regarding my original question of "should we merge the LPN and RN programs" is because the roles are VERY similar where I live. I am being trained to be...