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I'm a fun loving person that tires to inspire others in health and wellness. I am currently making a career change and want to become a nusrse. I would live a career that's rewarding, challenging and where I would be helping ohers.

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  1. It is very possible to finish. I'm going to be 49 years old next week and just finished the LVN program in January and take my boards tomorrow. I have been out of school since I was 21. I worked in the mortgage industry for 15 years and have no medical experience at all. This is just something that interests me so much. Thank God because I had to study approx. 5 hours per night including the weekends. It's tough and you pretty much have to put your life on hold but you can do it. Hang in there!
  2. lillor

    Orange County CA LVN schools- which is best?

    I am attending the LVN program at American Career College in Anaheim.
  3. lillor

    Orange County CA LVN schools- which is best?

    Wow, I'm very glad to have chosen the school I'm currently attending. I will be done with the program in approx. 5 weeks and have had great instructors, clinical and theory, except one, which I believe is now teaching at your school. We have students come in daily that have passed their boards and now have jobs as LVN's. I know of quite a few facilities that hire our students once they are licensed. Two nurses that I've had at my Dr's office both attended my school and gave it a high recommendation which is why I decided on the school that I'm currently attending. All in all, it's been a great experience for me. As an LVN, I can also go now to a community college and get into an LVN to RN bridge program.
  4. lillor

    EDD Traing Program

    No, if you get approved for re-training, you don't have to look for work since you'll be in school full time.
  5. lillor

    I finally finished my LVN program...

    Nice! I have about 5 weeks left. Can't wait!
  6. lillor

    Orange County CA LVN schools- which is best?

    Delta18 Were you able to get a job as an LVN after you graduated CNI? I'm currently a 4th term ACC student and hoping I can find a job after all of this while continuing on at a community college with the LNV to RN bridge program.
  7. lillor

    LPN Student, Cried and cried...

    I'm a 4th term LVN student and I found what helped me a lot through school and with critical thinking was practicing questions from Lippincott's review for NCLEX-PN. I too am in my 40's. It's tough but you can do it.
  8. lillor

    West Coast University in CA( LVN-RN )

    I just talked to a representative at West Coast and was told they are getting rid of the LVN-RN bridge program due to an overwhelming response to the BSN program which costs $127k, YES. It's a 3 year program and you don't have to be an LVN to get into the program. I'm currently an LVN student in 4th term and was looking forward to getting my RN asap. This is pretty much the only reason I signed up for the LVN program. My plan was to finish then go on to West Coast and get my RN. I have no idea what to do now since West Coast getting rid of their bridge program. I don't know of any other private schools that offer a bridge program in Orange county, CA or even near by:banghead:. Community colleges are so impacted, it would take me at least 5 years to become an RN. If anyone has any suggestions, please help me out.
  9. lillor

    All new LPN students

    I started school on January 5th and I love it so far. I really love my school and have been getting A's on my test. Hopefully I can keep it up. Hang in there. You will be glad you did. Just focus and I hate to say this but say goodbye to your personal life for awhile. All your hard work will pay off in the end.
  10. lillor

    New Nursing Student (LVN)

    Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I will be starting LVN school at American Career College January 5th and am so excited and nervous at the same time. I've worked at a mortgage company for 13 years and my entire dept. is being layed off at the end of the year. This is the perfect time to make a career change and go back to school since I will be getting severance. That will help pay the bills. I've always been interested in health and health care and really wish I had gotten into this field sooner. I'm now 47 years old, almost 48 and am just now making a career change which is a bit scary. I hope to go on to RN after I make it through LVN. I'm sure it will take a lot of hard work and study but I'm prepared to do it. It's going to be exciting starting a new career. Hats off to all you nurses on here. I love:redbeathe reading all your stories.