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  1. thank you guys. one more question. im doing med/surg and step down unit right now. im focusing on mastering ekgs but when im done with that i wanna move onto getting a good critical care book. hopefully it will prep me. any recommendations on good books?
  2. Hi. I'm a new grad. I am hired for ICU night shift but they are cross training me in med-surg/stepdown unit for 6 mos before I get transferred to ICU. I've heard that ICU nights and day shift are equally busy. Does anyone have suggestions on whether I should do med surg day or night shift to prepare for ICU? Does one shift offer more teaching or experience? Does working either shift matter or make a difference in preparing me? I'm torn right now. I've heard that working day shift teaches you more and keeps you busy so you're ready for ICU no matter what shift, but i really wouldnt know. I'm so torn right now. Please help? Thanks!