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  1. medicmama921

    Malpractice Insurance

    I have my malpractice insurance through NSO as well...you can go to their website & choose which plan you would like, then you can even pay online if you would like to. Most of the nurses I work with have theirs through NSO as well.
  2. medicmama921

    Just Venting: PCA with an Attitude!

    I agree with some of the above posts...it doesn't matter what kind of day you are having; we are all expected to be professional. I take HUGE issue with the amount of people in the healthcare field with no personality! I was a CNA before I became a nurse - no matter what is going on in my personal life, I have NEVER been rude or unfriendly to a patient. I am a very compassionate person, but feel there is no excuse for that. I would definitely notify the nurse manager...yours may not be the only complaint about this CNA. A few years ago, I had a very sick child in PICU for several weeks, & I ended up reporting a nurse that was hateful to me & to my daughter. Her behavior was unacceptable, & I requested that she not be allowed in our room again. These kind of people should be reported & "weeded out" of this field - there are too many GOOD nurses & CNA's out there with hearts of gold that would LOVE to (and deserve to) replace them!
  3. medicmama921

    question re: Picc line

    I'm guessing you work in a hospital setting? I don't really have much advice for you, but I work in (and love) home infusion. We do weekly dressing changes on PICC lines, & we measure (& chart) the extension amount at each visit. We also measure & chart the circumference of the pt's arm weekly, because swelling in the arm could alert you to a problem with the line. We don't generally worry about how much is showing (unless it is a lot more than at the previous visit) as long as we can obtain a positive blood return. When was the PICC line placed on your pt? I'm thinking it was probably done with x-ray verification? When was the dressing changed last? Is the line sutured into the arm, or is a Statlock used instead? Typically, the line will come out a little with the dressing change, because of the stickiness of the Tegaderm when it is lifted. Sorry I can't really help you without knowing the answers to these questions...good luck to you & have a wonderful day! Hopefully someone else on here will be better able to provide you with the answers you are searching...
  4. medicmama921

    need your support and prayers

    You and your family are in my thoughts & prayers as well...may you (& them) have peace about your decision...
  5. Wow - that's scary! I'm an LPN in GA & was planning to try to go back in the fall to get my RN. Now I'm afraid I may not be able to get in anywhere, nor get the financial aid to help cover the costs! Thanks for keeping us updated...
  6. medicmama921

    Financial Aid available for online courses

    Thanks for the help...I'll look into all the options...
  7. medicmama921

    Blood donation and iron levels

    I used to work for a blood services company as a charge nurse at the blood drives; also, my husband used to be a phlebotomist with them...don't want to bad-mouth them, but I can definitely say their unethical practices were part of the reason both of us resigned! This kind of thing seems to run rampant within the organization. I think that most donors would be surprised to know exactly how things are run. I can't say anything more, but I will caution you to pay attention to your iron deficiency & would not recommend that you donate until your Hgb/Hct levels go up & stay up consistently for awhile. Please go by your MD test results & not what the blood services employees tell you! While my husband is a certified phlebotomist (as are a few others) & genuinely cared about the donors, you may not be aware that the majority of the "phlebotomists" hired by them are truck drivers, food service workers, etc. that were offered a good financial opportunity (they require ALOT of hours, but pay quite well in return) & took it. These employees are sent to classes for a month to learn how to take BPs, draw blood, test Hgb/Hct levels, & learn the computer system. After that, they are put out there in this job. Some of them are PHENOMENAL at what they do; others, not so much. I think it is a fantastic organization with wonderful intentions. I just simply do not agree with the practice of putting non-healthcare workers into a job where you should have a "healthcare" knowledge base. For example, they have been told what to do for a donor reaction, but have absolutely no idea what actually causes the reaction or WHY they are treating it the way they are instructed to do. And to my knowledge, the majority of donors simply do not know this. In my opinion, it is almost like the public is being given the impression of a entering a "healthcare" environment, but it is not so. I just could not feel right about that any longer, so I left. They likely pushed you to donate because the need for blood donors is so great, & the organization pushes the employees for high numbers. Sorry to have to say these things, but I think donors should be aware. I highly encourage you to continue giving based on the low availability of blood when really sick patients need it - you are doing a GREAT service! Just please take care of yourself first...
  8. medicmama921

    Financial Aid available for online courses

    Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the advice - I have already taken some core classes years ago that will hopefully count towards my degree; however, I am unsure if the time lapse will impact this & if I will be forced to take them again. Also, I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a reputable online program so that I could at least investigate my options further about which classes are available. Is it worth it to try to take some classes online & then transfer to a program in my area? I am just trying to get some more suggestions. Thanks again!
  9. medicmama921

    Financial Aid available for online courses

    Also, is anyone on here currently getting a nursing (Associate's Degree) online? If so, could you point me in the right direction of a reputable online school that I will not still be paying for while my kids are in college? (They are in elementary school right now...) Thanks!
  10. Hi - I was just curious to know if anyone could tell me how/where to begin looking for financial aid for online nursing courses? I am currently working as an LPN, and I have 2 children, so I cannot quit my job to go to nursing school full-time to get my RN. I thought perhaps I could work on my RN classes online in the evenings. Does anyone have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for any help in the right direction...
  11. medicmama921

    Average Salary

    I would say definitely to do it! (Especially if you're going into it for the love of the job & the money is just a bonus). I am an LPN in GA & I only make half of that salary per yr., but I love my job & can't imagine doing anything else that would make me this happy. I would love to get my RN, but can't afford it right now, & since I work for a private home infusion company, tuition reimbursement is not an option available to me. When I started this journey in nursing, I chose LPN school only because the waiting list was shorter & I went through an accelerated program in 1 yr. I know there are bridge programs online, but I don't know what the best choices are. (If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it)! amie1169, I say GO FOR IT, especially since you already have some transferrable college credits! Best of luck to you in whatever you decide! :)
  12. medicmama921

    LPN with questions

    This seems ridiculous to me!!! No wonder you feel so overwhelmed! I dare say I don't think your having been out of nursing for 10 yrs. has anything to do with it - anyone would feel this way, in my opinion. My best friend has 26 pts. per day at her facility & it took her at least 6 months to feel like she was doing anything correctly. She cried all the time, but now says she's glad she stuck with it, as she has such a great knowledge base now & feels so much more confident in her skills. I could not do it - my job is MUCH slower-paced...right up my alley! Best of luck to you in whatever you decide...thanks for sharing your experience. I can't imagine any board of nursing knowing that this is what nurses are facing these days & being ok with it...but I guess they are. It makes me angry, though. What if one of their family members was in a facility such as this & an overworked nurse made an innocent mistake? I'll bet things would be looked at very differently if this happened more often. It's easy for the powers-that-be to turn their heads as long as it doesn't affect them. That saddens me greatly for the patients we are all assuming responsibility for. They are the ones at our mercy with few choices about their care. Scary, isn't it?
  13. medicmama921

    Is nursing for me?

    Sounds like you could make a great nurse - we sure could use more of those!
  14. medicmama921

    Can Aides Pass Meds?

    I disagree with this practice as well. I was a CNA for quite some time before I went to nursing school & as a CNA, I was required to do finger sticks as well as simple wound care. Also, I did lab draws (including blood cultures). It scared me, even back then, to have some of the CNA's I worked with do ANYTHING with a patient, especially since the knowledge base (& most of the time, the interest) was not there. Personally, I wanted to become a nurse eventually, so I tried to take every opportunity possible to learn whatever I could, but not all CNA's feel that way...unfortunately to some, it's "just a job". I think having them pass meds is a disaster (& possibly a lawsuit) waiting to happen. I mean, isn't that kind-of the reason they need nurses? Our knowledge base cannot be substituted just because these facilities want to save money. It is unacceptable to compromise patient care/safety for ANY reason. Too bad this is not the standard opinion. I have worked with some dynamite CNAs (& some really crappy ones as well). If I were to be a patient with no medical knowledge, I certainly would not want to have someone handing me medication with no knowledge of how those meds are affecting me or why I'm taking them. They aren't M&Ms! While this practice may be more & more the norm these days, it scares me that it's considered so acceptable. Boards of nursing in every state should re-evaluate this...I'd bet it would cut down on the number of medication errors that nurses spend so much of our time trying to prevent! I'm not downplaying the importance of CNAs - I know that some of them are fantastic & make our jobs easier. I just know from what I've seen here, the interest in the true meaning of the position is not usually there. I guess this will be debated forever...(Sorry about the "soapbox" - I get really upset about this topic...)
  15. medicmama921

    My First Nursing Instructor

    What an amazing story...thanks so much for sharing! I think most of us probably have a story that marks the day we first got our "nursing heart"...that's what makes this job matter, and makes us better each day. Thanks again!
  16. medicmama921

    Single mother nurses

    I was a single mom all through nursing school - when I started they were 18 months old & 2 1/2 years old. No family around, very few friends, fresh off a divorce with the father not at all involved. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever done! But I made it, & I am lucky enough to have an 8-5 weekday job now. Thank God for daycare - as much as I hated taking them, I had no other choice. I am remarried now, but we work opposite shifts, so I still drop them off in the mornings & pick them up in the afternoons. All I can tell you is it takes alot of patience, & for me, alot of prayers! But it CAN be done...keep your chin up - you are a strong woman to survive being a single mom. You CAN do this! :) Just know that hospital work is not your only option. There are several other opportunities to be found, but sometimes you really have to seek them out. And as someone else said, as difficult as it is to find time for yourself, it is a MUST if you are going to stay sane! Remember that you are important too - don't neglect yourself. The kids need you & you can't be there for them if you aren't in the right frame of mind. I learned this the hard way...my best friend is going through this now. Try to see what job opportunities are in your area. Best of luck to you - you'll be in my thoughts.