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  1. River

    need info?!!

    Hi again redwinggirlie. Thanks, that's a great suggestion!
  2. River

    relocating to AZ need info

    Thanks redwinggirlie!!
  3. River

    New at Case Management and patient discharging

    ceecel.dee, my reference point comes from a small town, rural area. The hospital is less than 80 beds and the town is less than 7,000 people in the whole surrounding area, with the closest large city over 90 miles away through mountainous roads. I wish you good luck with your situation.
  4. River

    need info?!!

    Hello all, I'm an RN that has been away from nursing for 6 years and is finally ready to go at it again. My question is I'm sure that there have been many changes in the last 6 years...patient ratios, documentation, technology etc. I will be going into either med/surg or home health. Any suggestions about what to expect or what to do to make this any easier. :spin:
  5. River

    Career choices - I need your input

    hi Scott, It's such a good idea for you to look into this before enrolling in nursing school. There is a high burn out rate in nursing and it is very stressfull especially if you're a concientous, patient advocate type of nurse. I've been in nursing since 84" as a floor nurse, charge, asst manager, manager and home health. There is LOTS of paperwork, lots of time on your feet, not much time to pee or eat or breaks...:roll , what breaks?!:roll However, the rewards come when you see how much you impact your patients and their families. It almost makes it all worth it. If I could do it all over, I would go into physical therapy school. It takes 4 years, but it's closer to 1:1 or 1:3 (patients) depending on what you're doing. No toxic meds to mix, no bodily fluids to come in contact with daily, no sharps, still hands on, and if you have ever been to a PT for some sort of hurt, then you'll know just how much they are apreciated for their help and their teaching. One perk is when your shift is through you can use the equipment yourself and stay in shape. I know several PT's that started in a hospital setting to gain experience and then started their own business and are doing well and are happy! Just an idea. Good luck to you. It's a big decision. God Bless:angel2:
  6. River

    New at Case Management and patient discharging

    Accessing some of the home health agencies in your community might be another resource for you. Often they will have Social workers on thier staff that could help. Do your home health agencies ever sit in on discharge planning before the patient goes home? Do they come in once the referral has been made to assess the patient, family and situation? Just an idea?
  7. River

    New at Case Management and patient discharging

    In the hospital where I worked we always called in Social Services to help make arrangements for our dificult discharges. it seems the they had access to resources we nurses aren't aware of. They most often succeeded in finding a place for the patients.
  8. River

    am wanting to leave nursing

    all the above suggestions are great ideas. I did oncology nursing for 4 years before that patient census for transfered to another floor. I loved doing it while I was doing it. But, after I no longer took care of the cancer patients I noticed an extreme lessening of my stress. My biggest concern was just exactly how much were we really helping these patients and I kept asking the doctors to give stats of recoveries vs deaths. Never got any responses from the doctors. Home health and hospice are one on one and you get to follow up and actually see how the patients and families respond to you interventions, teachings and personal care. Very rewarding, lots of paperwork though. Hang in there. It sounds like you're a very compassionate nurse. Also, there is working the an oncology office giving out patient chemo. Lots of options. You'll do well. God Bless
  9. River


    proof is in the pudding. Can you do your math correctly? Are you passing your test? My gosh you must be you graduated high school. Perhaps the very fact of you having to slow down to double check and make sure you are reading and understanding thing correctly is very much in your favor. Nursing is fast paced and mistakes do happen...your more careful pace is safer!
  10. River

    Just Diagnosed With Plantar Fasciitis.

    FYI did you know that foot pain especially heel pain is one of the symptoms of perimenopause that can start occuring as early as our thirties. I had this for several months and would walk like a ninty year old when I first got out of bed. Then I started taking some of the female herb like black cohosh, dong quai and progesterone cream from a health food store. It took about 6 weeks but no more heel pain and no more irritability, hot flashes or night sweats either. Yeepee!!!
  11. River

    relocating to AZ need info

    I'm planning on moving to the central AZ area. Somewhere between Flaggstaff and the White Mountain area and I wanted to get some feed back from any nurses or ancillary staff that work in this area. I have questions regarding payrates, step increases, cost of living, mandatory overtime, floating policies, morale of staff, benefits, nurse patient ratios, best places to work and scary places to stay way, way, away from. Actually any input would be great. I'm planning to either go into home health (prefer) or a med/surg unit. I have 10 plus years in med/surg 34 bed unit acute care and 2 years in home health. Thanks ahead of time for your help with this. God Bless:angel2:
  12. River

    2 Nurses needed???

    When I worked in a hospital setting both insulin and heparin were double checked. But, interestingly enough in home health setting we give lots of insulin all by our little ol' selves.
  13. River

    Any regrets?

    Kayella, congrates on being in Nursing school. It's a tough go. Always has been. I graduated in 86 with an ADN. I was able to get a job right away in med/surg and work my up to unit manager without getting my BSN. But, if you want to get into education, enterstomal therapy or wound care certification etc, they usually want a BSN degree. I would suggest to go ahead and finish getting the BSN now as it is very difficult to go back to as you will find nursing is very tiring!! Good luck to you and God bless!