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  1. Unfortunately it is true, I know of ppl that graduated in the beginning of Jan that still are looking for jobs.
  2. LittleLRN

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    It is really hard to get jobs and I have a BSN. Most of my fellow classmates still don't have jobs and have been searching for 6 months already. However, in my area they do have posting for nurses with experience so i guess it's just harder for new grads here in ny.
  3. LittleLRN

    Good Things Come To Those Who Wait....

    Congrats!!! I am so happy to hear about your story. It gives me hope, as I am still trying to find something.
  4. LittleLRN

    Finally got official job offer

    Thanks for the ecouragement! And Congrats to those who got job offers, it gives me hope =)
  5. LittleLRN

    job fair

    Thanks for the info. I didn't know that you can't apply to the program once you've graduated over 6 months ago. I guess I don't qualify as well.
  6. LittleLRN

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    Thanks for the info. I don't live in Texas so I was curious. But I have a feeling that they'll prefer ppl who live in Texas before they look at out of state candidates.
  7. LittleLRN

    I got a job, thanks to H1N1

  8. I am so sorry to hear that, but don't get discouraged. I basically did questions, the only time i opened the book was for referencing. I did q bank questions from kaplan and used the nclex 4000 cd. There's definitely going to be priority questions on the exam as well as infection control questions. Hope this helps.
  9. LittleLRN

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    Hi lweatherby, thanks for the info. Did you travel all the way to Dallas to have an interview? And do they offer relocation assistance? Thanks in advance!
  10. LittleLRN

    job fair

    Hi MiaNJ, when you spoke with Mount Sinai's recruiter, did they mention anything about a residency program? I was not able to make it to their booth due to their long lines, but from what I heard from a friend, she told me that they would be having a residency program in february.
  11. LittleLRN

    job fair

    I went since I wasn't able to attend the last one. There are no positions but they would take your resume.
  12. LittleLRN

    malpractice insurance

    Our school required us to buy insurance and we used NSO insurance. You can check out their website.
  13. LittleLRN

    SURVEY for 75 questions on NCLEX RN

    Just found out today that I passed with 75q. Had a lot of SATA & pharm questions. I seriously thought I had failed.
  14. LittleLRN

    Took NCLEX Today And Scared

    I took mine today as well and I am so nervous. I also got 75 questions, many SATAs and pharm questions. My prayers are with you.
  15. LittleLRN

    Stony Brook Accelerated BSN

    I am not in the accelerated program, but in the 2 year program at stony brook. As for clinicals some are done at stony brook hospital and at hospitals nearby stony brook. For my Psy rotations at had to travel approx. 30 mins to the clinical site.
  16. LittleLRN

    Weill Medical College of Cornell University

    Thanks for letting us know. I want to work there after I graduate this May. May I ask what unit you applied to?