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  1. OSU new grad pay

    And for you to say "I'm not really a union guy," what's that based off of? Obviously never working as a nurse. Unions are GREAT when they fight for the benefit of the nurse and not for the healthcare system.
  2. OSU new grad pay

    Riverside and Grant are part of Ohio health.... Worked for them for 2 years and enjoyed my experience. Don't work at Mt Carmel unless you're desperate.... They're known to seasoned nurses as a dangerous place to work...
  3. OSU new grad pay

    I'm not sure how much they pay for new grads, but in 2012, they offered me a position in ICU for a little over $25/hr with a 4.75 night diff and 4.75 weekend diff. I had a year and a half of experience at the time. Thing is, OSU is a tough place to ...
  4. Enjoying my first travel assignment in Hawaii!

    I've been a nurse in CA, it's a pain to get licensure there but it's so nice to feel safe delivering care as a nurse. What is it like being an RN in Hawaii?
  5. Am I just clueless here?

    ShoeGal, can I ask what region of California you are traveling? (Aka SF Bay Area, LA area, SD area)
  6. Enjoying my first travel assignment in Hawaii!

    I would love to learn more about traveling to Hawaii!! I've filled out applications with several travel agencies and would love to go ASAP, but I'm worried about my current job. I want to ask to do a LOA as well but seeing as I've only been with them...
  7. Ned, thanks so much for the advice! Maybe I need some remediation in Travelers 101, haha... Let me see if I understand what you said: if I travel and live in say, California... I will still be paying for my house (and taxes) in Ohio. When I rent a ...
  8. I've been an ICU nurse for over 3 years now and I'm looking to travel in a couple months... I've done my fair share of research so I think I'm past the Traveling 101 stage... Now I'm wanting to know specifics! I keep reading about compensation being ...
  9. Adult ICU to PICU??

  10. Adult ICU to PICU??

  11. Adult ICU to PICU??

    Janfrn, thanks immensely for the list of other posts... I guess it's a fairly common question. I feel better about making the transition now... Can anyone tell me what kind of orientation I should ask for? Not just weeks, but experiences? I was on ...
  12. Any ICU turned NICU nurses?

  13. Adult ICU to PICU??

    Hi all!! I've been an adult ICU nurse for about 3 years and I'm looking for a change. I'm bored of the same old same with adults. I've always seen myself as a pediatric RN and I miss caring for kids! Just something about them that makes your job wor...
  14. Any ICU turned NICU nurses?

    Hi all!! I've been an adult ICU nurse for about 3 years and I'm looking for a change. Just wondering if anyone could provide insight on the transition from adult critical care to care of our youngest patients.
  15. I found myself back home to Ohio after a 1 1/2 year stent in California as an RN (and I was a regular FTE, not a traveler). The ICU I came from was a well-oiled machine and staff morale seemed to be pretty high. I lived in an area of California whe...