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    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I took my exam on Oct. 27 and felt so bad after completing tons of SATA, priority and med. questions. I did the pv trick and got the good pop up. On Friday, I confirmed the result on the unofficial quick result. PV trick is 100% true, it worked for me!!
  2. I don't know. That's strange. We didn't both get the same letter? Mine is dated February 20. I assumed based on the letter that orientation would be two days so I planned accordingly (not that I mind having an extra free day My letter was dated Jan 15, maybe they made some adjustment. Anyway, we will hear all tomorrow.
  3. ChaYan, from the mail l received, it does not state that orientation will be on Monday, June 1, 2009 through Tuesday, June 2, 2009. The mail states that "A mandatory orientation and registration program will be held on Monday, June 1, 2009. The first day of classes for Accelerated Nursing Students will be on Wednesday, June 3, 2009". Does it mean mine is not complete.
  4. I know this is a bad way to start, but where does it state that orientation begins at 8am? I believe it, but I can't find the email or the information anywhere that states the time. Also, where exactly are we expected to go? Thanks Check in your admission package, it's in one of mails that came with the package. Check-in start from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. in the Atrium inside of the Health Science Education Building located at 395 Lenox Road.
  5. Does anyone know the orientation schedule? I know it starts tomorrow at 8AM, but when is it supposed to end? Is Tuesday also an orientation day? l heard that the orientation takes about 4 hours, and it's only on Monday. We are free on Tuesday l guess to get prepare for Wednesday.
  6. I'm getting an "access denied" when I try to open files on Prime, even though I had no trouble logging in. Have you been able to open the files. Yes, l logged in yesterday and printed some of the course documents. lf you are still denied access, you can call the OFFICE OF EDUCATIONAL COMPUTING & TECHNOLOGY phone: (718) 270-7416
  7. Hello everyone! The syllabus for Health Promotion Class is out. Check your prime course.
  8. Are you sure? For which class will we need it? Yes, we need for NRBS 300-Health Promotion
  9. Will you be taking the train? That's a bummer because the trains are packed at this hour and you probably wouldn't be able to concentrate. I live close to Downstate and it was a BIG factor in choosing this school. I didn't buy the community health textbook yet because I don't think it's for this term. Yes, you need the Community health textbook in the first summer, but the textbook l heard we might not even use is the nursing process.
  10. how far do you live from school? we don't end class later than 5:30 (except for second half monday, which goes to 7:20 ) so they shouldn't have to be with a babysitter for too long. my kids end day camp at 3:30 so she'll be coming every day from 3:30 to 6:00. even though some days are shorter than others, i hired her for m-th because it's hard to find someone willing to work only 2 days a week, and i could use her help if i need to rest or study. i live in the bronx, and it takes me about 1hr 30mins to get to school. although my hus. can pick them up from school, but most of the time he has evening appointments with his clients. that is why i need someone, maybe from 5pm to whatever time i come back from school or when my hus comes back. remember, this is accelerated program after lectures one might want to put in more hours to study or to do some assignments. therefore, l need someone at home. however, if it did not work out, i might use my babysitter although she lives about 20 mins away from me but she is very reliable. chayan, how much did you pay for the community health nursing textbook?
  11. i finished the hipaa tutorial. i have a babysitter lined up. i am taking cpr a week from sunday. i bought all my books and supplies. and i think that wraps up my to-do list before school starts! what about you ? i did my hipaa tutorial 3 weeks ago. in addition, l am using the crp class l did last year. where l need to work on is to get a babysitter. although my kids go to school from 8am-6pm, but l need someone who can take care of them when they are back from school.
  12. double check to make sure that all the textbooks on the list are for our summer session. some are for the second year students. i ordered a few not realizing that they weren't for our courses. i hope that next year they'll be using the same books.... community health definitely is for second year. i bought some nursing management textbooks which i don't think are for this summer. chayan, you are right. i remembered one student in accelerated program mentioned that we are going to use one of the textbooks for three classes, so it is important to buy the book. however, l cannot remember the exact textbook she was referring and cannot get her on the phone to explain it more.
  13. if you don't care about new unused books, you could try ebay or half.com. as chaya said, it is easier to find the books using the isbn #'s. i got all my books from amazon. you could also find more sellers by entering the isbn # in the google search box. yes, on saturday l bought some of the books from half.com and amazon.com. about 3 weeks ago, there were some good deals on abebooks.com but now, it seems all is gone. therefore, l am still searching for reasonable prices on some of the textbooks i.e. community health nursing, nurse as educator and pharm. i will try using google search box, l think it is a good idea.
  14. i bought all my books from abebooks.com. if i felt comfortable going with an older edition, i got them for really cheap, like $5 or less per book. the health assessment textbook i bought the latest edition and paid $28.55 plus $3 shipping. i have gone through the website recently but could not see such a reasonable price on the 3rd edition, 2007. the third edition, 2007 l saw was $59.82, and 3rd edition, 2006 was $15. please, can you check for me?
  15. Where did you buy it from and if you do not mind how much did you pay for it? l want to buy the textbook but wanted to be sure that l am getting a good deal before paying.
  16. Does anyone have a clue on the edition and year of the Health Assessment textbook we are suppose to buy? l saw the textbook with both 3rd edition (2007) and 3rd edition (2006).