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    Galen Tampa Aug 2010?

    Blessedmommy, did u have to buy the study manual? I just ordered mine and some reviews state it's a waste of $. The first time I got accepted into Galen, it took only a few days for me to get a letter..u'll prob get urs soon. i couldn't attend then due to personal reasons. how did everything go with u?
  2. I am so confused and need advice. Just got admission to Galen and at first, I was so excited, but after thinking over it a couple of times, I wonder......is becoming an LPN really worth $15,000.....and if I do end up following up to become an RN..........I would be in debt $35,000 approximately(and it's not even a University degree!). I've read so much from u guys that have gone there, scared that if I plan to get my BSN, my credits won't transfer, attitude of the lecturers etc. Most of all, if I end up not going and change my mind, would they still accept me? On the other hand, I don't have all my pre-reqs and I really want to get something done this year. What should I do? P.S. I also have a flair for Information Technology and thinking of doing one of the short 3 month courses and hopefully get a job that will pay upward of $50,0000...........clueless on what to do and don't want to do something that I'll regret later! Pls advise:confused: