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  1. xxAngelxx

    LPN starting pay?

    I think the pay varies greatly, depending on where you live and where you work. I work in a town with one hospital and 3 nursing homes. I started at $23.10/hr in a nursing home. IF the hospital was hiring LPNs, they make a little over $15/hr.
  2. The RNs I work with are amazing and don't differ between RN and LPN - we're all nurses! However, the only people I've had issue with are some PATIENTS. Some will say, "So when are you going to be a nurse?" I tell them that I already am a nurse, to which they reply, "No you're not. You have to be an RN to be a nurse." *sigh*
  3. xxAngelxx

    Wound Care in LTC

    I am just finishing up my second week at my very first job as an LPN. I've noticed that many of the nurses I work with do not make any time for wound/skin care. I know we are all busy. But a small wound, untreated, will just get bigger and worse. Two quick examples.... 1. A very obese lady has two small open areas deep in here, um, butt crack (for lack of a better word). Its probably due to her incontinence, I've been told. But nothing is being done. I suggested an Extra Protective Cream, and was told that would definately help SO much. But no one puts it on! Even the CNAs won't do it during her brief changes. 2. A older gentleman with a urostomy has major skin excoriation around the stoma. Why? The wafer is cut completely open (to wear it attaches to the urine bag) instead of being cut to be fitted around the stoma. So that skin is always exposed to urine. I asked the treatment nurse and she told me I was right, that the wafer does need to be cut to fit the stoma, and that even though there is excoriation, the skin cannot be exposed still. The couple nurses I spoke with said they don't do wound care. I've seen how awful this stuff can get and I'd hate to see infections occuring because of something preventable. As a brand new nurse, is there anything I can say or do?
  4. xxAngelxx

    my first week as an LPN

    It was a LOT different - and better - than I thought it would be. Most of my co-workers are great, my patients were (mostly) nice. I can really see myself staying here. I had 2 preceptors (1 for 3 days and a different lady for my last day - only worked 4 days for this week). They both taught me a lot, but I didn't feel like either was great fit for me. I had 3 falls. One was an assisted fall at least... The granddaughter was trying to help her VERY elderly grandmother to change her skirt, couldn't get her back in a w/c, so she assisted her to the floor. Still counts as a fall. I felt so bad that I had 3 falls though. None could have been prevented. No call lights were on, no one asked for help. Lastly, I just feel so.... weird.... calling myself a nurse. I feel like I'm still a student, none of this feels real yet. I know what I'm doing but its just odd to be The Nurse.
  5. xxAngelxx

    POLL - Position/Salary

    1. how much do you make as a lvn/lpn? $23.10/hr is the base pay for lpns at my facility, and there is also night and weekend differentials. 2. what is your job? i work as an lpn in a ltc facility. 3. f/t or p/t? full time 4. what are your hours/shift? wednesday through sunday, 2-10pm - but i've gotten off as late as 11:30pm 5. where do you live (city/state)? yuma, az
  6. xxAngelxx

    Are you content at LVN level?

    I've only been working as an LPN in a LTC facility for one week so far. I received my license Sept 30. I really do love my job (so far!) and probably will continue with LTC. However.... LPNs where I work get paid $23/hr and RNs get paid $32/hr. Huge difference!!! The RNs I've spoken with tell me that they do get the more difficult halls, but OVERALL, the work is quite similar. So yes... I WILL be continuing on to get my RN, hopefully in the next year. Don't get my wrong... I do love being an LPN and I think its a wonderful career. But an extra $9 an hour is great too!
  7. xxAngelxx

    Brand New LPN Just Hired

    It's LTC
  8. xxAngelxx

    Brand New LPN Just Hired

    So, I just got hired at my very first interview today. I spoke with the Director of Nursing and she was great. I had been to this facility before and really liked it, so I didn't feel the need to keep looking for a "better" place. Anyhow, I'm so excited!!! My question is... does anyone have any specific stuff I should know/study? Like, any disease processes or meds, or anything at all? I'm just SO nervous! Thanks! :)
  9. xxAngelxx

    New LPN

    Good luck to you and thank you! Ionly used the NCLEX-PN Made Incredibly Easy book and CD.
  10. xxAngelxx

    New LPN

    I hate to admit it, but I didn't really study much specifically for the boards. I'm still in nursing school (RN program) so I kept studying for that. I did, however, do every question off NCLEX-PN Made Incredibly Easy.
  11. xxAngelxx

    How Many Times Did You Apply to Nursing School

    1> How many times did you Apply to Nursing School?? *I applied once and thankfullu was accepted then. 2> Was it for an A.A, BSN, LVN/LPN? *I'm in an AA program, although there is an option to take a test after 3rd semester to be allowed to take the NCLEX-PN, or to take a month-long course aftr your second semester to be qualified to take it. 3> What was your GPA??? My GPA was 3.3
  12. xxAngelxx

    New LPN

    Thank you everyone! I'm still in shock!
  13. xxAngelxx

    New LPN

    I just took NCLEX on Friday and found out today that I passed! I was SO worried because I only took an hour and got the bare minimum number of questions - 85. So many SATA and all these drugs I barely know. Anyways, this is also my first post here, so HELLO everyone!