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  1. Amy, Does your ER have a pediatric specific area? If it does, try to get in on that. The more exp. you can get in pediatrics wll help. I think the most important thing overall is what kind of name you make for yourself. Be actively involved in some i...
  2. NICU NURSES....labeling breast milk???

    In our 60 bed, level III unit, Breast milk is treated like a med. Parents are given the labels, they date & time. Parents are instructed in protecting the barcode. If the milk is from a mom who has twins or more, the labels are stacked, with each...
  3. For Fun - Things You Want to Buy Once You're a Nurse

    As a "Former New Nurse" I will give you all my hindsight view... I desperately wanted to buy my first "new" car...After thoroughly thinking over my options, I decided it would be better to wait until after we got a house, then buy a really good used ...
  4. Hospital in Roanoke, VA

    I work there, and yes, just like any other hospital, it takes money. Do any of you want to work for free? I am paid an excellent wage, and have no fear of losing my job :)
  5. What are the smallest diapers available?

    Cuddlebuns makes two sizes, much better than wee pees.
  6. New Grad wants 2 work in NICU!

    NRP, STABLE would be safe bets. Also think self based education. Get a good neonatolgy book: Merestein or Kenner. I would definately, look at Well born nursery or Mother/Baby to get some related exp. Or even L&D, especially if they have high ris...
  7. Knoxville area

    "Z" I've seen several of your posts about looking for a NICU job as a new grad. I also saw were someone mentioned Roanoke, VA. I happen to work in that NICU and was hired in as a new grad. New grads are able come in at any time of the year. In fact w...
  8. This is what happens when you don't feed the nurses

    It's always important to know what your coworkers worst body fluid is...Hopefully as a team there is NOTHING you can't handle. :icon_hug: