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  1. careerchngr

    Got my grades today!

    Child Growth and Dev - A US History II - A Music Apprec - A I can only pray that I get A's next semester with A&P and Chem ! Congrats all. Hope everyone has a merry x-mas
  2. careerchngr

    Central MA?

    anyone from Worcester or central MA? I am currently in school working on pre-reqs and waiting to get into the nursing program and Id love to hear from anyone who works at some of the local hospitals. (Umass Med, Memorial, etc ) Thx!
  3. careerchngr

    A&P software

    the textbook is Mariab's Human Anatomy and Physiology. ISBN 080535462X. So thats a good thing apparently! The A.D.A.M. software does look great but dont think I could bring myself to shell out $400 extra bucks..
  4. careerchngr

    A&P software

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any recommendations for any A&P software that I could use to supplement the course material? I would like to get a head start on the material. I have read the posts on using the flashcards, and also the coloring book, but wanted to know if anyone uses software. Thx
  5. careerchngr


    I just wanted to drop a quick note about how inspiring so many of you are. Not only the students but also the RN's that post. I think I am like many who post here who are in unfulfilling career and who want to do something with their life that can make a difference. I dont post often, I mostly lurk. I often have alot of doubts and questions on wheter or not I can handle going back to school and if I can handle the courseload along with having little children, but every single time I have doubts, I come here and read many of the posts and I gain a whole new sense of confidence. Thank you to all of you for your inspiration. -Alan