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  1. Gerinurse101

    Nurses in Other Professions

    I love being a nurse, it's all that other crap that you have to deal with..and I am not talking feces!! Bad attitudes, Working short, Poor management. I am tell...
  2. Gerinurse101


    It came off the ANA.org website.
  3. Gerinurse101


    Hello all, I was justing researching this topic and I came up with this from the archives of Allnurses.com. "The approved definition says patient abandonm...
  4. Gerinurse101


    Can just quitting without notice be considered abandonment? I know it is not the wisest thing to do, but would it also be considered abandonment?
  5. Gerinurse101

    monthly summaries in LTC

    Does anyone do weekly summaries? We have a new DON and she just switched from Monthly to weeklies, and needless to say we are falling far behind! And again very...
  6. Gerinurse101

    Moving to New Mexico

    Hello everyone, I was wondering about LTC in New Mexico. Are there many opportunities? Also, I am looking for quiter, less congested, any recommendations on ...
  7. Gerinurse101

    LTC Positions

    Hello, I am looking into relocating, New Mexico, Montana and Wyoming are my area of interest, but I haven't been able to find out to much about long term care...