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  1. kim0190

    taking students, precepting

    I am a student, and wondering--where is the clinical instructor in these cases when the nurse is bombarded with questions from the students? In my clinicals, I have been lucky so far with the nurses on the floor. However, we generally notify them in the morning that the students are assigned to these certain patients, and will be passing meds, doing am care, etc... and then we basically just report off to the nurse at the end of our time there. We may ask a question about something, or report something sooner that we feel the nurse should know, but we use our clinical instructor for the bulk of our questions. I would also get very frustrated if I was told to take someone under my wing for a day and then had to babysit them the whole time. I thought that was the purpose of the clinical instructor, to be there on the floor with the students, helping and assisting with procedures that we are unsure of. I will also say that I do tell the other nurses that if any patient needs anything else, please let me know and I'd love the experience of doing whatever I can. The hospital I am at now-Fairview-has been exceptional. The nurses on the acute rehab floor were actually so glad to have students, they came looking for us to show us all sorts of new things as they came up, that was wonderful. It is very nice to have nurses glad to see students-and also nice when the student lives up to the nurses expectations of them.
  2. kim0190

    on the right path?

    your replies are definitely helpful... and you're right, I will have to come to terms with doing things to people that they don't like. Another "fear" I have is nursing school. I have 2 kids, and the last year I've been taking classes and studying at night when everyone is sleeping. Last two semesters I got a 4.0, and the classes were anatomy & physiology, med terminology, earth science etc... I have heard horror stories from people that say nursing school was so hard for them, and they think with me having kids at home--it won't be possible for me to concentrate and study as much as I need to. Was is this bad for everyone?? I am hoping my track record so far will continue.
  3. kim0190

    on the right path?

    No, the catheter is just one of those things that I really really would not want to do. I've had to have several already in my life and it's one of those things I hate more every time it gets done. Knowing how I feel about it, I would feel terrible having to do it to someone else.
  4. kim0190

    Working as a CNA?

    I am looking for a STNA program (aka PCA/CNA) in Ohio. I am on the waiting list for an RN program and currently work as a unit secretary on a med/surg floor of a hospital. I decided to become a nursing assistant because I know the ones who work on my floor work their butts off--and that experience can only help me. I believe in starting from the bottom up...maybe if all future RN's did it they would appreciate those below them a little more. I am actually searching for a program now so I can get started-I know they are usually 2-3 weeks long. I live in Ohio-Cleveland area. if anyone knows a good program around here, please fill me in. Good luck to all of you!
  5. kim0190

    on the right path?

    Hi there, I am so glad to have found this site. I left the business world about a year ago, and am on a waiting list for the 2 year assoc. degree RN program at LCCC. I took a job as a unit secretary at a hospital, on a med/surg floor. I have been really unsure of going into nursing or radiography. I have been accepted into a radiography program at Tri-C, but my fear is that it won't end up being "enough" for me... I would want a bigger role in helping people. On the other hand, I have no problem with poop, or blood,...but I don't want to insert a catheter. I know how it feels and I wouldn't want to have to do that to someone and hurt them. sound stupid? I figured becoming a STNA would be the best way to decide if nursing is the best choice. Has anyone been one--and know of any programs in the cleveland area? I know they are usually only a few weeks long-I would want to get into a program that is well recommended if possible. thanks!