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Vent/trach peg tube
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THUIT77 has 2 years experience and specializes in Vent/trach peg tube.

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  1. THUIT77

    Future TEAS-V test takers.

    Thank you for you detailed advise. I will soon start studying for TEAS V as well.
  2. THUIT77

    Lpn to BSN

    Hello I was considering the school any information that any one might have will be appreciated greatly. Thanks
  3. THUIT77

    Huge List of A&P Videos

    Thank you your are awesome✨✨✨
  4. THUIT77

    First excelsior exam

    Hello nurses, I am also an LPN working full time and planning on starting @ Excelsior by the beginning of 2013. Any advice as where to get ready and study for will greatly be appreciated. Oh yeah this will be my first time taking online courses ever.🙈
  5. THUIT77

    LPN to BSN

    Thank you for the informative advice. Good luck with you BSN.
  6. THUIT77

    LPN to BSN

    Does anyone know of an online school that is offering lpn to bsn program? I am currently working in NV and was planning to move to Arizona. Thanks
  7. vhiolin, did you finally finalized your nv license? if so how long did the whole process take? because i am trying to endorse my ca license to nv. can you please share what you did or what resource you used in doing so. thank you in advance:)..
  8. THUIT77

    NCLEX-PN 85 questions and passed!

    Char.Lpn Can you please post the mnemonics what they stand for and more study material if you have. Thanks;/
  9. Hello Dawit maybe if you clarifiy in what you mean about standard questionnaire I will be able to help you. I hope you still have time for your assignment. Ena beterfe good luck:)..
  10. THUIT77

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Well I'm on my 32 day after taking NCLEX-PN, waiting anxiously. I want to try this trick but what if they charge your card. Do they rufund you back full amount? Does anyone know. Thanx

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