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  1. New Correctional Nurse (Armor)

    I loved working with Armor. Wish they would come out to California ... :)
  2. Need help! Help our specialty!

    Done :)
  3. Armor Correctional Healthcare

    I worked for Armor for 3 years while they held our contract in Escambia County. I started off as a medical assistant on the night shift, and with their help and ecouragement (not to mention tuition reimbursement, not a lot, but it helped), I went ba...
  4. Sick of being a nurse in the Prison

    Exactly! Regardless ... they are "our patients" and the "officers' inmates".
  5. Cheeking Wellbutrin

    Why don't we just install a Valium salt lick in the pods ... we would have absolutely no problems after that!!
  6. Clipper usage in jail

    Yep ... Welcome to jail! LOL
  7. jail nursing

    "The jail system seemed like a very relaxed place to work." No, not relaxing on my shift! I am the intake nurse on the night shift in our county jail. I get them in handcuffs, cracked out and beligerent. You have to have a keen sense for BS, becau...
  8. diabetics in small co jail

    Even inmates have the right to refuse care and treatment. Make sure you have them sign all refusals and release of liability. Psych eval is not a bad idea. Try to encourage a little further testing. Diabetes can do a number on all organ systems ....
  9. Sick of being a nurse in the Prison

    It's always discouraging when you hear that the inmates have more rights than we do. BUT I stand firm in that we, as nurses, are PATIENT advocates, NOT family advocates. In correctional medicine, you will still have to deal with a certain number of...
  10. Neutropenia and Nutrition

    I am an LPN and have been in corrections and pediatrics for several years. Even when I was in school and clinical rotations, our studies in Ocology were extremely limited. Here is my query ... Our mom is receiving Herceptin treatments along with Car...
  11. electronic medical records companies

    We using CorrecTek ... pretty user friendly

    Cavity searches are a security, not a medical issue. As nurses, we are not trained, nor are we trained in the security of an inmate should the inmate resist. We may stand-by in case of emergency, but all-in-all, cavity searches are for trained secu...
  13. L@@king for FLORIDA Correctional nurses

    Lacie It all depends on if you are hired by state, county or private contract. Every county's pay scale is different. I am in Escambia, which is one of the poorest counties in Florida, so our pay scale is off! Here at our private contract company ...

    I have five simple words for my techs: "Please don't touch my lines" . While I value the work my techs do, I certainly don't want them to do anything outside their scope ... not only is it their a$$, it's my license on the line.
  15. L@@king for FLORIDA Correctional nurses

    Thanks "Pretty", you gave me a lot of insight of where my "kids" go after they are "sent down the road"! I am in Escambia County and work with our female population and you hit in on the head with the emotional, manipulative women!