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  1. Ministry to Help Teen Moms????

    I have volunteered at our local crisis pregnancy center and our church is very involved in supporting/promoting the center. I was just wondering what innovative ideas other churches have used to encourage teen moms to keep coming to church. Many ti...
  2. Ministry to Help Teen Moms????

    For some reason the Lord has put this on my heart and I was hoping that someone here would have some experience or resources they would be willing to direct me to. I am not a Parish nurse, but I am a school nurse with experience in OB nursing. I was...
  3. HELP! Accident / Incident Reporting

    Great information - Thank you so much for the resources!
  4. HELP! Accident / Incident Reporting

    Martha Bergren, Thank you for asking this question! I have been working on changing the procedures at our school in regards to confidentiality of student information at many different levels. I am in a small school district in Illinois that has unde...
  5. HELP! Accident / Incident Reporting

    We have similar procedures at the school I work at except our forms are in carbon triplicates - this may save you some time(?). The triplicate forms are the ones that have a checklist of what the problem is with space to elaborate and below has anoth...
  6. Hello,anyone in Psych rotation or have been?

    I'm also doing a psych rotation this semester. So far it seems okay. Besides being on a psych unit, we are required to go to observation sites - inpatient substance abuse groups, outpatient therapy, and juvenile detention center. We have 8 weeks o...