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MsEnfermera has 22 years experience and specializes in Ambulatory Care Management,Home Health.

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  1. I've been a nurse over 20 years, have been off work the past two and am now in the process of returning (interviews and such). I've had depression issues for more than 10 years, dealt with the meds and hid it very well from everyone in my workplace including family. I had a manic episode a year and a half ago~that litteraly left me wandering thinking my name was Jane Doe and I was in the witness protection program. How on earth my mind came up with that I will NEVER know. 2 years prior to this incident I had a "breakdown" after 2 major deaths and was first dxd as bi-polar. As I said I am now working with a recruiter and have pending interviews. I know better to disclose this as they wont hire me~the stigma in the work place is horrid. But how is it knowing you are bi-polar and working? I'm scared sh##less that I will go manic one day at work with people who know nothing about me. I wont be doing hands on, it will be more admin/case management. But do you wake up everyday and ask yourself am I OK to work as a nurse today? How do you deal with taking time off for appointments? I never worried about time off since I had been with my previous employer years. While I am excited to get back to work and get health insurance again...so I can get out of the public county mental health system. I find myself questioning and doubting my nursing knowledge and second guessing my thoughts where as previously I was completely confident. I wonder how it will be to get up and go to work and function when I have a bad day. Am I the only one? I know it doesnt go away and I have to learn how to control it~but the stigma and shame and embarrasment of being "labeled" as the "crazy nurse" scares the h### out of me!! This is a new job a fresh start and do over. (I was terminated from my previous employer for an unrelated isssue) I realize its all part of the diagnosis and know I am not alone although it feels like it......what advice or suggestions do you have?
  2. I dont know the answer to your question. I have been a nurse 22 years, off work for the past two and have a hard enough time being embarrased disclosing a simple misdemenor that happened two years ago. Even with my years of experience I question my ability to be hired and if an employer will gamble on me, someone with a simple misdemenor. I cant imagine trying to be hired having to disclose 8 felonys. As I said I dont know the answer to your question but Good Luck whatever avenue you pursue.
  3. MsEnfermera

    Might be a silly question, but I'll ask anyway...

    Sorry but I had to laugh at the way you asked your question.:chuckle I'm an LVN and have done home visits for 13 years so you gave me a good chuckle. I think the two previous answers work great. As the LVN who did intermittents I always had an RN who opened the case and was called the case manager unless she was a per diem and just opened and passed it on to a fulltime nurse. In my case the RN that opened was considered the manager and we all worked together on a team and covered each others patients as needed but the "main" nurse was the case manager.
  4. MsEnfermera

    Telephonic Disease Management RN

    I'm returning to the work place after being out for two years. I have done "Population Care Management/Care Management" for 10 years and it seems like the new trendy name is "Disease Care Managment". I previously worked for a private HMO so many things we did had different "names" from the outside world of care/case management. Anyone have any helpful tips, readings or ceu recommendations to help me update and transition back in?
  5. Hi i'm not familiar with city locations in OK as I am in CA however I have worked per-diem for almost 15 years with a home health company called Interim Healthcare. They are a national company and I know they have offices in your state. Google them and see if the locations are near your city. Good Luck :)
  6. MsEnfermera

    Info on Child Leukemia for Children

    Hi, I'm looking for a website that has information on childhood leukemia but that is geared for a child of 13. Everything I have found is too complicated and in-depth for a kid to understand. Any suggestions. This is for someone I know and is not from work~so I dont have access to Krames or handouts. Thanks a million! :)
  7. MsEnfermera

    Would this offend you?

    I would not be offended by them wanting the "perfect child", is there is such a thing. What bothers me is the ignorance involved. If I had given up a child when I was younger I would have checked no h/o mental illness. However now that I have been diagnosed I would have to check yes. Would it have made a difference in the way I raised my child if I constantly looked for "symptoms" of bi-polar? Im sure everytime my child was crabby or moody or overly sensetive or didnt want a nap I would have been suspicious. It's like any onther "disease". Just because you have a familiar history of it, does not necesarrily mean you will get it. The child will be better off in a family that is truly willing to accept and love any child and raise it as its own without prejudice. Being bi-polar I can undersatnd your sensitivity to the issue-but understand that they are probably saying no because they are uninformed. Hopefully they find what they are looking for and the child in question has found a loving home. At least the Mom was honest enough to admit to a history of mental illness and not deny it, otherwise the family would never have known.