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    Staff nurses and their bad attitudes

    Wow, The whole time I read this It felt like you were talking about the same floor I work on. Honestly its sad that this is the type of environment that us nurses must be placed in, we should be working together, not bringing each other down. When I first started two years ago, I dreaded 7 am because I had to give report to "those types of nurses" Sometimes I would be giving report and they would just look at the computer screen and not even look at me while I told them what was going on with the patient throughout the night. Then they would ask pointless irrelavent questions about the patients and just give an attitude through the whole report. Its sad that this is what you have to deal with, but I know for me after a year report started getting easier and I just pretty much ignored the arrogance, and now I usually don't have a problem giving report. Also, a bunch of us co-workers would go to breakfast after report to just vent on the dreaded last 30 minutes of our shift! Hope Things Get Better! :hrnsmlys: