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  1. michiganmark_rn

    nursing unions

    Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital is unionized with SEIU. I was told Genesys is union.
  2. michiganmark_rn

    Wealthy heiress dies and leaves 38mil to Nurse

    if i were to inherit 38million dollar i think i'd have to admit the ethical dilemma, keep the inheritance as that is what the heirress wanted, but retire from nursing to insure i wasn't put in that position again.
  3. michiganmark_rn

    Most common meds in LTC??

    synthroid, calcium, prilosec, metoprolol, amlodipine, 81mg asa, colace, norco, fentanyl patches, acetaminophen, lisinopril, simvastatin, sinemet, metformin, amaryl, senna, miralax, namenda, aricept, MOM, dulcolax suppositories, albuterol, ipratropium, spiriva, advair, lasix, klor con, detrol la, flomax, oxybutynin, iron, multivit, levaquin, bactrim ds, keflex, acidophilus, keppra, bumex.
  4. michiganmark_rn

    New grads resigned to night work?

    I hired in full time, days. I'm looking to switch and get 16 hour shifts instead of 8s but I'm at a facility that appreciates their nurses and works well as a team.
  5. michiganmark_rn

    Pharmacology in the summer at OCC

    Word of advise from someone who is in the program, you can save your money and skip buying the dosing calculations book. The math is quite easy, your instructor gives you practice problems and the book is a waste of money. Use that extra $$ for something useful like a nice stethoscope or anti-anxiety meds :)
  6. michiganmark_rn

    NET for OCC ADN Program

    Yeah, your anxiety and paranoia is a precursor to a life changing experience. The parts of foundations I remember being difficult was getting through your baseline assessment checkoff without running out of time and doing your very first care plan. The one bit of advice I'd give is to NOT buy the crappy stethoscope they recommend. It'll be fine for doing your vitals for checkoffs but during clinicals you'll love having a better scope for bowel/lung sounds. You CAN hear everything with the cheapo, but it's a lot easier with a moderately priced scope. As far as care plans go, use the search function here and seek out advice from the user daytonite. She's probably gotten literally hundreds of students through their care plans and seeing how she rationalizes through gets you thinking with your 'nursing brain'. Also, take the time in pharm to keep well-organized notes. You probably won't need it so much to get through the class but you will refer to the material again....and again...and again.
  7. michiganmark_rn

    Can anyone help me be a better leadership mentor?

    If your "mentees" are first year students, get them a "brain". I'm a first year and I can't just freehand all of my notes without some type of format to keep myself organized - if I try it, I suffer for it. There are a few good ones posted here, although I got one from another student I like more than any other I've tried. I scanned it and put it up on google docs for ya. http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dck8jc5s_13rmdnwqc3 I use the other side for my various drug passes so I can write out the classification, why my patient is getting the drug, my adverse effects, and any assessment info I'd want to look at prior to administering. Another option would be a clean and organized listing of hospital norms for lab work....
  8. michiganmark_rn

    health assessment question

    My school pairs up the guys together automatically for us since they assign us partners. While it would be no big deal either way, it is nice to be partnered up with other guys. As the only male CNA in my facility and one of the 5% of male nursing students, I'm grateful for the comradery of a little testosterone.
  9. michiganmark_rn

    How're your backs doing guys?

    I agree wholeheartedly. I've been doing the CNA job for about a year and a half and every time I've left with a sore back it's been from hurrying and using poor technique. I'm paid the same amount as other CNA's, if it takes them 2 for the lift, it's going to take me 2 also. It's safer for me and the resident.