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clinical pathways - ED, home infusion, IT, lab
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80sNurse has 20 years experience and specializes in clinical pathways - ED, home infusion, IT, lab.

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  1. 80sNurse

    What is "Up-to-Date" ?

    Does anyone have experience using Up-to-date for Pharmacy information where you work? Is it a look-up for pharmacy information, or integrated into your system? Does nursing have access to it where you work (and do nurses use it?) Users' input most welcome. Thank you!!
  2. (stated but not charted) "positive Cheetos sign"
  3. 80sNurse

    Journals, websites, blogs, or podcasts?

    I'm in a similar situation... would love to see others' suggestions too! There is something called The Advisory Board (Advisory Board) that has info, resources, webinars; there is an interested section (Health Care IT Advisor) within it too.
  4. 80sNurse

    What do you love?!?

    I'm happy to be back in the home infusion therapy world after a long hiatus. Would love to hear what you LOVE (or like) about your role Let's get each other psyched for agreat 2017!
  5. 80sNurse

    Too many RNs per manager??

    Thank you! You don't need to give me the name of where you work... but are you a national or regional payor? Approx company size? THANKs ! ! :)
  6. 80sNurse

    Do They Think I'm Old?

    We people can be dorks; trying to be clever and have something to say, sigh.
  7. 80sNurse

    Too many RNs per manager??

    I'm helping an area of my company as an internal consultant of sorts. Our telephonic case manager RNs work from home and support patients with certain key disease states. For any NON-hospital folks out there, can you share what are your Manager-to-supervisor and Supervisor-to-nurse ratios? And is that an insurance setting or something else? For example, "12 - 15 nurses per supervisor" I want to sure that our nurses are NOT compared to other areas that are waaay different... this highly customized, high touch, caring patient interaction should not be compared to non-clinical telephonic positions or to pharmacists. Thanks much!!
  8. 80sNurse

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    agreed! I'm fondly remembering an elderly gentleman I cared for in nursing school who said he had "cadillacs" in his eyes
  9. anyone else out there have a policy requiring blood culture bottles be wiped off on the tops with alcohol wipes before use? and of course I'm talking about brand new, just opened bottles. our hosp policy requires this, and I think it's an unneccessary step that adds manipulation to an already sterile area. amer college of path book I have from a few years ago doesn't call for this step at all. just a little pet peeve I have to do (or feel really guilty about NOT doing!!) every day of my job :) ! If you're comfortable telling me where you work, that would help too. many thanks!
  10. 80sNurse

    What's your Kryptonite?

    favorite allnurses post ever, thanks!! will keep enjoying reading others' responses
  11. 80sNurse

    How to warm IV fluids??

    HAPPY ENDING: We got single dedicated small counter-top warmer & put in 0.9 & LR (labeled with date put in & date expires) so now I have the warm stuff whenever I want it when using rapid infuser isn't appropriate but still don't want to chill my patient YAY!!
  12. 80sNurse

    Anyone using CO Pulse Oximetry?

    Anyone have comments/recommendations re: pulse oximetry for carbon monoxide? I've heard about these devices, want to know if other EDs are using (EMS, too!) because we're checking into getting one and there doesn't seem to be a lot of options out there. I'm talking about (lighted/finger) pulse oximetry, NOT capnography (we already have/use that) and of course we have lots of regular pulse ox readers (in every room). THANKS!!
  13. 80sNurse

    How to warm IV fluids??

    thanks, all! yes, we have & use level 1 & ranger; but we don't pull out the gear for as many non-trauma pts as I'd like. yes, we did date our fluids & keep in sep compartment from blankets, but JCAHO still nixed it. trying to see if JCAHO is inconsistent, AND trying to do increased use of (cost effective) warm fluids. keep those comments comin!
  14. 80sNurse

    How to warm IV fluids??

    Our Level I trauma center was told by JCAHO last year that we can no longer keep bags of IV fluids in "fridge style" warmers on the unit (like where blankets are kept but separate compartment). As a result, I think we're using warmed IV fluids much less often than we should & am looking for opinions from other EDs. Management says we should use the rapid infuser & our "Ranger" warmers (YES: we continue to use for traumas), but we end up using them in far fewer situations than we could - perhaps due to no more speed & simplicity of just pulling out room temp fluids. It was nice to use readily avail warm fluids for all kinds of pts - dehydrated little old ladies, babies, even a kidney stone pt who might feel chilled after a few liters. I'm tired of making my patients (mildly) hypothermic/increasing their oxygen demand & decreasing their comfort... What do you do in your ED?? ...thnks...
  15. 80sNurse

    IV tips and tricks

    co-worker helped me the other night with this after I struck out x2 on the fragile veins of a 90-something pt: inflate BP cuff & sometimes vein appears that didn't using regular tounqt. May need 2 people tho if need to inflate more than once it worked: got a 20g and a second site for cultures (phew!)

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