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  1. CCTC submitted me to Johns Hopkins and said they don't take first time travelers.... but guess what? I am having my first assignment here with American Mobile... It just depends on luck and your recruiters I guess....
  2. bunny8762

    HELP! 1st time travel help

    Q:What if an agency doesn't have insurance? A: find out how much is private health insurance and subtract that from your take home pay. Q: What if it is a housing stipend instead of provided housing? A: the same... find out how much is housing in the area and subtract that from your take home pay. If you want to pocket the stipend, then don't subtract it from your take home pay... Q:then you will not know what your OT is… A: ask how much would it be if you do a shift OT… Don’t ever expect to do OT unless it is a guarantee 48hr contract! Always treat OT as extra luxury income and not “oh I would not make end needs with this contract, but it’s ok, I will just pick up OT when I start” Disadvantage of using PanTravelers: 1.) It estimates (state and fed) tax, what if the state doesn't have income tax (you still have fed income tax)? Plus each state's income taxes are different! 2.) It calculates how much is your net pay per hour with housing stipend factor in. What if the housing in that area is sky high (there is a reason why some areas have higher stipends)? Great! Your net hourly is higher according to PanTravelers! Now show me the math equation on how you might potentially earn less because the housing in that area is expansive! If how much your net hourly is more important than what you take home... yeah PanTravelers is great! At the end of the day, I believe that the actual $ amount on your pay check counts… I just ask what my take home is if I file single with your insurance. They have their own calculator similar to PanTravelers too! Have them do the math… At the end of the day… compare your take home per week and make your pick! I am not saying my way is the best way to compare… but to me, I felt that it is nice and simple and it takes away the different rates they throw at you! I am sure asking take home has its downfalls too… Do whatever way makes more sense to you. Of course, what if your recruiter is dishonest and quotes you a higher take home instead? There are a lot of what ifs… Recruiters tend to slightly underestimate your take home, so they don’t get a phone call few weeks later and getting yell at. They want a long term happy traveler and build up their reputation…
  3. bunny8762

    HELP! 1st time travel help

    the different rates can be confusing.... just ask what is your take home paycheck after insurance, housing, and all reimbursement.
  4. bunny8762

    Hard to get first assignment as a travel nurse?

    got my license and looked for travel assignment in CA... could't find the perfect fit... ended up starting in Baltimore, MD instead
  5. bunny8762

    Tele / ecg quiz

    I just started an assignment at Johns Hopkins. Their quiz is pretty in depth... There are around 30 strips, I need to interpret and measure as well. A lot of different heart blocks... def not the simple Afib and NSR strips...
  6. bunny8762

    Timing of pay negotiations and accepting a job.

    I told my recruitor my minimum "take home" needs to be to cover the expenses at home. and then I start from there.... he would find me different assignments and gave me time to research the hospitals. after that, I would call him back and let him know to set up an interview or not. There are this thing called "bill rate", your hourly is all depends on how much reimbursement you are getting.
  7. bunny8762

    New RN Can I travel?

    OMG! don't even think about it... This is my first travel assignment and I had 2 years exp in MS step down.... My first day: hospital orientation (policies). Second day: computer training. Third day: Unit orientation. Forth day: I am on my own... I make sure that I am very confidence in my skills before I travel. Guess what? I am still overwhelmed with all these adjustments and unit routines. P.S. start your exp. with a large teaching hospital, you will get a lot more choices and offers. Big hospitals across the country like Standford or John Hopkins won't take you unless your background exp is silmilar to theirs. Good Luck
  8. bunny8762

    RN Pay in CT

    It really depends on your def. of comfortable... and how expansive you want to live...
  9. bunny8762

    Hartford Hospital or St. Francis??

    I am not a RN yet, but will be one this coming May... I have my clinical rotation this semester at Hartford hospital (Med/Surg) and I am currently working as a CNA per diem at St. Francis hospital (Med/Surg) for almost a year. Personally, I would choose Hartford hospital as a patient... Just don't ask... I have a long list of reasons...
  10. bunny8762

    Nursing Assistant Jobs

    No you don't need your CNA certificate if you finished one semester clinical. I am a PNA at St. Francis hospital, I have my CNA certificate as well... They pay a little higher to do CNA duties if you are in a nursing program. However, you do have a higher chance to be a PNA if you already have your CNA certificate...
  11. bunny8762

    Chances of becoming a nurse...

    I am a uconn student, and will be a nurse this coming May. Please don't attack the other post about uconn... To be honesy, uconn is very harsh when it comes to nursing. I had depression on my 2nd and 3rd year of school but I still manage to pass my classes with hard works of course. Nurses work under stress all the time, I guest it is just a test from god to see if you really should be a nurse or not. for class of 2009 as freshmen: 750 applicants, they only accepted 110. to transfer into nursing from other major: 250 aplicants, they only accepted 4. I know one of the girl who gets 3.78 gpa and didn't get into the program. The minium gpa you need to get into an accerlated program (you had BS degree in another major and want to study to be a nurse) is 3.0; however, it is so competitive to the point that they are more likely looking at 3.4ish. Nursing school is hard, I cried through my years at uconn... Sometimes I asked myself why did I choose uconn? May be there are school out there is less competitive... I've been in this country for only 8 years, my high school gpa is 3.7; looking at my grades now in college, I just want to cry again... Remember, it doesn't matter what grade you have in high school... Students who gets in to School of Nursing at uconn are mostly honor students in high school to begin with. You are comparing yourself at a higher level and no longer with those kids in high school (those who are working at McDonald's or no points in their life). I learned that very quickly..... Be nice in this forum... There is always a way out if you don't have a good beginnings. I wouldn't advise Uconn for nursing if you had a history of depression. Depression could kick in any times during your school year in the nursing program... Trust me, it is not fun....