Hospice. Also home health and oncology.

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gsu8696 has 19 years experience and specializes in Hospice. Also home health and oncology..

Most of my experience is in Hospice nursing. I am currently working on my legal nurse consulting cert and have just re-entered school to work on my DNP.

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  1. Pain management is a very tedious part of the hospice nurses' lives. It takes a lot of time to titrate medications, figure out which adjuvant meds will work best for each patient and provided continual assessments for each patient to ensure you're ah...
  2. This particular evening started off like most others, busy and unpredictable. As charge nurse for the unit on that shift I never knew what to expect, but learned to take whatever surfaced in stride and tried to remember that 11 pm (or whatever time I...
  3. Nursing Home Follies

    Making rounds one weekend, I walked into check on a patient who was sitting in her wheelchair laughing hysterically. Her roommate was sitting in the middle of her bed with her legs tucked up under chin rocking back and forth. Since I had been working...
  4. Death Denying Acts

    So when my patient died, I felt prepared. I felt sad. She was an elderly woman. But she was somebody's mom, somebody's daughter, somebody's wife. She had a long life, but I wondered what it was like, Had she been happy? Where was she from? What were ...
  5. Pediatric Hospice Humor

    I had been the manager of our hospice inpatient unit for a couple of years. I had a fantastic nursing staff! I absolutely loved everything about that job with the exception of one thing; okay, maybe two, but the primary exception would have to be adm...
  6. Communication Chaos!

    I had been assured by my colleagues who had recruited me to the unit as well as the head nurse on our unit that the fact that I had no oncology experience and that I was not chemotherapy certified were only minor issues...unless I had the unfortunate...
  7. Most of the patients on our floor were oncology patients either there to receive inpatient chemotherapy or continuing their ongoing battle with the dreaded disease. The other major portion of our census was our general post-op patients...the appys, t...
  8. Will you expereinced help Me!?!

    Renee, You have plenty of time to decide what trek you want to take. Give yourself a break...focus on getting your BSN. Once you've done that, you'll figure out what to do next. I followed the CNS path and got mine in Rural and Community ...
  9. Hospice Nurses The Good the Bad and the Ugly

    I'm currently a hospice nurse. I graduated nursing school May 2007. I've been a hospice RN since June. I LOVE my job!! I can't tell you how many times I've heard "You're too young to be a nurse," or "I can't believe you're doing hospice nursing, you'...