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Circl8r has 34 years experience and specializes in OR.

The most important thing that I do during the 8 hours that I am at work is to treat my patients the way that I want MY family to be treated. I have a very low BS tolerance, and I'm not afraid to use it ;)

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  1. Circl8r

    Do you always remove the air from IV bags?

    Only when spiking saline for an arterial line, otherwise, no.
  2. Circl8r

    Really Wanting To Start Nursing Career In The OR

    Congrats on starting school, and kudos for your interest in the OR. There are opportunities out there, I would recommend checking with your local hospitals.
  3. Circl8r

    Practicing without a license

    As a registered nurse, it is is your duty as a professional to report this to your state board of nursing. If she's done it once, she'll do it again, and needs to be stopped before something catastrophic happens to a patient. Remember, the bottom line IS the patient!
  4. Circl8r

    Completely and totally disgusted.

    The travesty here is that someone can come from a foreign country 9 month pregnant; no prenatal care, no cash, and no English, and walk into any hospital to give birth. After birthing that baby, (who is now an American citizen, by the way; we, the taxpayer gets to foot the bill. And YOU can't move across state lines?>? That's just plain cra*pioka! This is BEYOND wrong!
  5. Circl8r

    Bair Huggers

    The practice of putting the bair hugger tubing underneath the sheet or blanket and and turning it on is potentially contaminating your sterile field with lint from the sheet/blanket. Good intentions in theory, but in reality, not a good practice.
  6. Circl8r

    From a happy and lucky Nurse

    What a wonderful story. You bring home an excellent point about treating patients as if they were family. God Bless!
  7. Circl8r

    Bair Huggers

    Ladies and Gents: If you want to warm the bed prior to placing the patient on the bed, I would heartily suggest using the bair hugger blanket. Placing the hose between two sheets or a bath blanket will only succeed in compromising your sterile field. You're blowing lint all over the room. Just cuz you can't see it doesn't mean it ain't so.
  8. Circl8r

    Flashing instrument trays

    Greetings colleagues: Just taking a little poll of the country, here. I know the flashing of instruments goes against AORN's recommended practice:nono:, however, I am interested in answere from around the country. How often do you find it necessary to flash entire instrument trays and is it due to lack of inventory? Do you used a closed system such as a flash-pak? Thanks much!
  9. Circl8r

    Policies for masks in the OR

    Hi: We wear masks in any room that has opened sterile supplies. In the institution that I work currently, we also wear masks in the sterile core because occasionally a scrubbed person steps in to retrieve flashed items from the sterilizer.
  10. Circl8r

    SCD orders

    I'll never cease to be amazed at how some people can twist another's words to fit their needs. I am neither standing on higher ground, nor am I casting insults, young man. I merely stated that your current knowledge base after three years can and will be built on daily and you'd continue to learn new things every day. How do you see that as having your experience thrown in your face? And trust me, after a few years in the OR you WILL count on those years of experience when speaking to issues that you are passionate about. On that note, I am not one to insist on doing things because "that's how we've always done it" and when I am wrong, I admit it. I believe in continuing education and keeping current on all issues and practices that affect my nursing practice and my patients. I am passionate about what I do, and if you see that as looking down on you, I must say that I am sorry that you see it that way. Neither did I say that you were personally trying to shove anything down anyone's throat. IF you read my statement, it was a generic generalization about thrusting one's opionion upon another.
  11. Circl8r

    SCD orders

    OR male nurse, is there a reason that you feel that this thread must turn into a pi**ing match, because in my humbly opinionated opinion, that's what it's become. I'm sure that after three whole years in the OR you have a great knowledge base on which to build upon; however, I have found after twenty plus years, that EVERY day in the OR is a learning experience. If you think you know it all and that only your answer is the right one, karma will come back to bite your butt, I guarantee it. For this issue, I don't think there is a right or a wrong, but a 'different'. Different places do different things and it works out fine for them. It never works to shove one's way of thinking down anyone else's throat, whoever is doing the thinking. As long as the end result is safe patient care, that is what matters. We are all in the OR to make sure that our patients are well cared for and and have great outcomes. It is not a place for nurses to have big egos, as we must all work together for the common good...even if we don't agree with colleagues who work with us, or across the country from us.
  12. Circl8r

    SCD orders

    Shodobe, thanks for your input and backup! We should oughta know something with 50 years in the OR, eh? :bowingpur
  13. greetings colleagues: i was wondering if anyone has a policy for perioperative care across the age continuum that you could share with me? many thanks in advance! donna we do not permit e-mail addresses here for your safety. please feel free to share them via pm, but do not post them.
  14. Circl8r

    SCD orders

    Are you aware that your preference card is as good as a doctor's order? If they are on your preference cards, you are covered and don't have to ask. On another level, check and see if there is a set of indicators in your facility that automatically qualify your patient to wear them as part of venous thrombosis prophylaxis.
  15. Circl8r

    Belly Button Gunk

    I had a surgeon who called them "Oscars"...like little rewards, and have asked surgeons if I could bill for the procedure! I've seen some real 'clinkers' in my day! Remember when our Moms used to tell us to wear clean underwear in case we got hit by a bus? I always told my kids to make sure their belly buttons were clean!
  16. Circl8r

    Great license plate...

    I know an anesthesiologist: ISNOOZM A CRNA: SLEEP3 A Urologist: PLUMBR8 A Cardiologist: PQRST U My former plate: JUST A RN (inside joke), then DONA RN1 I changed plates and removed all references to nursing. I hear that if you bypass an accident scene and someone sees that you are an RN, you can be held accountable. Don't know if it's true, but THIS RN's not taking a chance!