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  1. Pnemothorax

    pnemothorax patient Thanks for writing. Hope this help. Pneumothorax, the presence of air in the pleural cavity, results in a partial or complete collapse of the lung. It commonly results from rapture of the subpleural bulla, either as a complication...
  2. Pnemothorax

    There I go again with the spelling issues!!! The truth is that I don't look at my keys when am typing so I usually "FAT finger" my text. I apologize to whom ever have to read my typos, but if you can understand what am trying to come across; then it ...
  3. Pnemothorax

    Thaks.."passing thru" Yes, i can get the answer from the Dr, but the Dr from the Rad dep, was the one that wanted me to find the answe and the resource. Well i got it and thanks for taking the time to write.
  4. Pnemothorax

    my bad.
  5. Pnemothorax

    LOL oooooppppps Spelling
  6. Pnemothorax

    :chuckle WOW HMMMMM This is a medical site and u dont know what is the cause of pheumothorax? To answer your question pheumothorax ,is caused mostly by trauma! (It most commonly results from rupture of a subplural bulla, either as a complication of...
  7. Pnemothorax

    Pnemothorax:confused: Am currently studding radiology and I came a cross a question "If a Pt has postrama pnemo, what are the chances that the pt will encounter the same illness in the future" I cant find a good source anything that states tha...