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  1. mamahuff

    End of year meds?

    I have really appreciated this thread. Most of my schools send unused medications home with students at the end of the year. But, I have never really felt comfortable with it. I had already decided that next year, we will not be doing this. I have already changed the med. permission portion of my health enrollment form to reflect this change. We are almost to make it through another year!! :)
  2. mamahuff

    Lice Awareness Week - anybody tried it?

    Hey OldDude. You have such a great way with words. Would you be willing to share some of your info with us that you send home to parents?
  3. mamahuff

    Do you notice trends with your student visits?

    This is just me. But, if the teacher is being goofy enough to let the kids play with the animals. I would make the teacher call the parent. To answer your question, yes I do see trends. I think the kids get in a huddle and decide what the "flavor of the day" is going to be. Happy Friday everyone!
  4. mamahuff

    Head Lice!

    Ha Ha. Love it. Good question. Maybe I should ask the "Expert teacher"...because I am sure that she probably knows.
  5. mamahuff

    Head Lice!

    Just had this happen today. Teacher calls me. Tells me that she has seen an unidentified bug in child's hair. Teacher tried to catch it (in the classroom) but couldn't. I check the child. I find 2 suspicious looking bugs. Since I protect the child from embarrassment and I know this teacher is going to call me...When the teacher calls, she lets me know that she has had ALOT of experience with this in her previous school. She says, "do I need to have you check my whole class?" I say, "No, just watch for any student that may be extra itchy.' To the teacher's surprise, I ended the conversation there. Although, she shouldn't be surprised, because at my beginning of the year staff inservice, I was very, very clear to the teachers and staff that whether a student has head lice or not, IS NO LONGER NEED TO KNOW INFORMATION. I called the mom and talked with her. They do have pets, and have had fleas. I had a friendly conversation, was a resource person for the mom, and left it at that.
  6. mamahuff


    Braun Ear Thermometer. Having been a school nurse for many many years. I have tried many different ones. For the long haul, I have found this one is the best in my opinion.
  7. mamahuff

    Prinicipal Micromanaging

    Just food for thought. But, in Missouri, having an appointment, is truly not "in progress". It is perceived as being ok, but it is not. When I first cam to this job, I battled this. On more than one occasion, the child missed the appointment. By then, the child is in school, and it is pretty difficult to back track and kick them out then. I have made great gains at my schools. Not perfect yet, but 3 of my 4 schools, the students do not enroll until I say their immunizations are up to date. One thing that has really helped me, is that Missouri has a database called, "Show-Me-Vax". It has saved me and parents countless hours of tracking down lost immunizations (and has gotten students in school very quickly). I encourage you to check and see if your state has one. When I first started, my local Health Department assisted me with the right connections to get a pass word. To encourage you to know how to deal with difficult Principals. Hang in there. Be consistent, honest, and keep on keeping on. It sounds like you are making big differences in the lives of your students and they are lucky to have you. :)
  8. mamahuff

    Random Thoughts: School Nurses

    That sounded sarcastic, and I am very fortunate to work with a great bunch of teachers. But, really, it is food for thought.
  9. mamahuff

    Random Thoughts: School Nurses

    Good thought. When I am asked these kinds of random questions from educators. It always makes me want to ask a question back.. Some random very difficult Geometry problem or some Ancient Greek History, or something along this line. After all, they are teachers. Wouldn't that make them know every detail ever learned in school, no matter what grade level or subject they teach??!! Hmmm
  10. mamahuff

    Random Thoughts: School Nurses

    This is obviously not a shirt that we would wear to school. But, one that we would love to wear in public on occasion. I just had to order one. On the front is says, "Yes. I am a Nurse." On the back is says, "NO. I do not want to look at it!!" Makes me LOL every time. We all love it when randomly people come up to us and say "You're a nurse. Will you look at ____________. " Happy Tuesday everyone!
  11. mamahuff

    Most Frustrating Thing ?

    I am the nurse for 3 rural districts. The secretaries take care of the health issues when I am not in their building. I actually gave each a small magic wand. They keep it on their desks, in the pen/pencil can. Yesss, they do it use it, and it works on certain occasions. :)
  12. mamahuff

    I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    Thank you so much for your post. I have been mesmerized as I am reading all these posts. What incredible words of wisdom. Thanks again for sharing. Hang in there, you are a winner too! a.
  13. mamahuff

    I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope you really feel our support and compassion. You are definitely a winner, and have over come so much. I am a school nurse, and if it is ok with you, I would like to share this with my teachers. This is a different perspective than probably most of them have ever known of. Sending you a biggggg huggggg and thanks so very much for sharing this. Huggs- a.
  14. mamahuff

    School Health Room Log

    I have used a paper log that i made up myself. It has lots of abbreviations and is pretty quick. I keep one on each student in a 3 ring binder. I go to 5 different buildings. One of the secretaries also use it as her quick log to write all the kids on. Then she also puts it in the computer. It works pretty well for both. If you give me your e-mail addresses I will send it to you if you would like for me to.