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  1. should you: A) ask the client to step on to scale OR B) balance scale to zero it doesnt say what kinda scale it is. please help!
  2. JadenRN TO BE

    First CNA interview tomorrow!! NEED ADVICE!

    what was the interview like? howd it go?
  3. JadenRN TO BE

    Blood in urine (hematuria) from UTI, why?

    thank you soo much :redbeathe you are awesome
  4. JadenRN TO BE

    Blood in urine (hematuria) from UTI, why?

    are you sure? it's for A&P 2 man ive been googling for an hour the question is: "explain why her urine sample had a pinkish tint to it" and she has a UTI
  5. I dont understand why a urine sample from someone with a UTI would have a pinkish tint to it (blood) my book says "because erythrocytes are too large to pass through the glomerular pores" possible causes include UTI is that why?
  6. JadenRN TO BE

    ATP question

    How many ATP are gained from substrate level phosphorylation? this is from the krebs cycle i believe.. my book says 1 but wikipedia says 4.. so im confused How many ATP are gained from oxidative phosphorylation? can someone help me? thanks in advance
  7. JadenRN TO BE

    Ok I am trying to keep tabs, all starting this fall say I

    i got my acceptance letter saturday for fall '09 woohoo. im not even sure what day i start, need to find out! i have to turn in this acceptance form with my schedule picked out: MWF instead of MWR and then near the end of april we pick up our info packets. hope i dont have to get any more shots! cant wait to get my scrubs!! :dncgbby:lol 'dancing baby'
  8. JadenRN TO BE

    YAY....I'm in!!

    congrats!!!! i got in too!!!!! :yeah::heartbeat :redbeathe :heartbeat :redbeathe
  9. JadenRN TO BE

    I Finally Got ACCEPTED in Nursing school!!!!

    i got in i didnt think my 81 on the net would be good enough but thank god it was! i also had a 4.0 gpa and all but 2 of my prereq's done
  10. i found out on saturday that i got in:D now i have to pick my schedule: MWF or MWR does that mean just classroom time? or on TR or RF that ill have clinicals? does it depend on the school? if so i need to go find out
  11. JadenRN TO BE

    Respiratory anatomy/physiology help

    It is not "doing my homework for me." I have done BOTH pages, those are the only ones I couldn't find! People get help all time on here, I don't see why you are attacking me for it. ANYWAY do you guys think I should put volume for #2? because it does ask what to change
  12. JadenRN TO BE

    Respiratory anatomy/physiology help

    dont you think i would of tried to look them up before posting on here? i did and couldnt find them. well i definitely cannot find how to change pressure in the lungs online anywhere. im still not sure what to put for the answer, breathing or volume. my teacher is very specific so it matters. my friend gave me a handout from another teacher and it takes about chemoreceptors in it so thats why i got confused on that question. you dont have to be rude. im just trying to do my best so i can get into nursing school, geez
  13. JadenRN TO BE

    Respiratory anatomy/physiology help

    ok I can't find these anywhere, please help! 1. Secondary bronchus/bronchi (Lobar bronchus) enter the __________ of the lungs. Right - 3 lobs - superior, middle, and inferior Left - 2 lobes - superior and inferior is it lobes?? that just seems too obvious 2. Can't change atmospheric pressure so change lung pressure. How can you change pressure in lung? Change ____________ is it volume? or breathing ? 3. As ________ decreases, pressure increases (Boyle's Law) volume? 4. Forced exhalation uses ___________________and _____________________________. Chemoreceptors? Carbon Dioxide? very confused on this one. please help me!!!:bowingpur
  14. radial or ulnar could also be the answer. but i think its brachial because it has to do with the arm while the radial/ulnar have to do with the forearm. hope its right. thank you so much for helping me:up:
  15. JadenRN TO BE

    tips for quality study?

    flashcards, flashcards, flashcards. they make you feel accomplished when you have memorized even a few. i sometimes take some with me to church lol. make sure you understand all the concepts and not just read over them. understanding them is key. work in advance. get all of your homework done way ahead of time so you only have to study for your subjects and not have other work to do. my ap2 teacher gives us study guides for the chapters so i will go through and highlight everything on the study guides in my powerpoints so i know what to focus on. i also like to study during the day because at night i am too tired and dont feel like doing anything. i like complete silence when i study so no tv or music for me
  16. can someone tell me if these are right? 1. receives blood from the venous sinuses of the brain? internal jugular vein 2. Deep vein of the arm? brachial vein 3. Drains blood from the liver into the inferior vena cava? hepatic vein 4. Vessel between the superior mesenteric vein and liver? Great saphenous vein