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wildsmile24 has 3 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg.

I am a first year RN. I love this website. Im in the process of searching for the best job for me that hires new grad RN's. I live in sunny South Florida and have been here for 27 years and love it!! I love sports, music, and the beach of course!

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  1. wildsmile24

    3.25 GPA required for new grad position???!!

    :rolleyes:Okay, I can see where you are coming from Lunah, this totally makes sense. I can see the pros and cons. In this case, I am immediately eliminated because I do not have this GPA. And you have disscussed the pros, I agree this is a good method to get the 'better' or 'more knowledgable' nurses in. Just disappointing. I'm going to stop complaining now. I promise! LOL> Im sure I'll be replying to this post very soon, telling everyone about my new job. Keeping positive.
  2. wildsmile24

    3.25 GPA required for new grad position???!!

    Yes! I am just finding out about this, this week. Although, this required gpa is for a national program that certain hospitals have for new grad RNs to ease the transition into real world nursing. Who knows, by the time nursing studens that are in school, by the time they get a job, they may be looking at your grades.....the only hospitas that I have seen do this have been only the hospitals that offer the 'versant program'. I had my heart set on this particular hospital. Im not giving up in my search. I acually just found a position that says "experience PREFERRED":yeah:So these are majic words I am looking for in a job search. Wish me Luck and Good Luck to all the new grad RNs out there!!!!
  3. I am trying very hard to find my first job as a RN. I live in South Florida. The two hospitals nearby that are hiring new grads, have a special 'versant program'. I have found out that they require a 3.25 GPA just to qualify for the position. I haven't found ANYTHING else. If anyone also lives in south fla and is having trouble finding their first job... do you have any advice or know who is hiring new grads? I just can't believe, after all the hard work I have put in, my grades are being considered for my job. I just can't wrap my head around it.
  4. wildsmile24


    I do not think it will be difficult for you to find a job as a RN once you graduate. Since you a LVN, you have EXPERIENCE! Would you rather hire a BSN with no previous hospital job experience, (which there are) or a RN , who was previously a LVN. Do you get what I'm putting down? But I agree with Bobbkat that you should look around your area and see what the hospitals are requiring or preferring. To do this, call the hospitals and ask to speak with their nursing recruiter. If she's not in, just leave a message, they call back pretty quickly. Go ahead and ask him/her your question, they'd be able to give you some advice.
  5. wildsmile24


    It is not necessarily easier to get a job as a BSN than as a RN. Right now there is no difference, if any difference at all in pay between an RN and BSN. Some people in certain states may get a few extra dollars per hour for a BSN, but for the most part, there is no difference in pay. THe only thing you can do with a BSN that you cant do as a RN is teach. Like teaching in nursing schools. Usually, the nurses (People) who are LVNs that go for their BSN, are looking to eventually advance their career to a masters or achieve their BSN so they can teach. If I were you, I'd go the quick 8 mo, and be a RN, but I don't know your current family or financial situation. If you see yourself wanting to get your Masters, the BSN is a pre-requisite. Its all about you......and what you're planning to do.
  6. wildsmile24

    FL NCLEX takers

    Kaplan's online review programs is the way to go. Passing the nclex was painless after I took the kaplan review. I had to take the nclex twice. You may not really need a study group. As long as you go over everything that's in that program. Group learning can have it's advantages as well. Good Luck! Im sure you'll do fine with whatever route you choose. What helped me the most was the qbank through kaplan. Just keep doing more and more questions. Good Luck I'll be praying for you.
  7. wildsmile24

    New grad! Jobs search nightmare!

    I live in South Florida and I know some hospitals like to hire new grads in the summer time, I guess this is b/c it's not the 'seasonal' time of year, when it is busy. I know for a fact Northwest medical center has positions open now. I just saw it tonite. Also I hear that new grads should look for jobs that that say 'experience PREFERRED' -and not REQUIRED. That's usually a good indicator that that hospital or employer may be willing to hire a new grad. I just passed the NCLEX:dncgbby: and Im looking myself. I'm waiting for Delray Medical Center to post their new grad positions that will ultimately begin in August. This hospital only hires brand new RNs that havent worked elsewhere for their 'new grad' program. This is what Im hearing. I hope it helps. Good Luck and Be Well.:tinkbll: ps. The 2 hospitals I mentioned are both in Florida. It may be worth it to relocate it. Weigh the pros and cons...
  8. wildsmile24

    Is The Kaplan Prep Course Worth It?

    its definately worth it. It took 3 times for me to pass but I used kaplan on the thrid time and I passed with only 75 questions. The first time I failed with 75 questions. Do the entire in class or online review and all the questions and use the decision tree and all the strategies they teach. Good Luck. You can do it. Be relentless.
  9. wildsmile24

    Question for the new grads?

    So I just got the results that I passed my NCLEX exam last fri so I'm a new graduate. I graduate in 12-20-2008. I also like Mental Health. I'll tell you what I did. I worked as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) on a medical/surgical floor. Even though I wasnt certified they took me b/c I was a 2nd year nursing student. If I didn't get fired for doing something stupid, they were going to take me to work there as a RN after I passed my nclex exam. Hospitals is where you get the experience and work 1-2 years before going into a specialty. These days, some hospitals will take you and train you in a specialty right out of school. Im sure you could find a job in detox center, or mental health facility right out of school, especially if you worked there while you were in nursing school. For me, I want to be able to maintain the skills I was taught in school like putting in IV's and NG tubes, catheters, ect. Nurses dont do any of that in a mental health setting. So that is the difference. Know that if you decide to work at a hospital for a year or so to 'get your feet wet' you can pretty much go anywhere and get hired and they know you have some experience and will be willing to train you further in that specialty. You will see what the rest of the nursing students are doing with their time during school when you start. I had to take a test called the NLN to get into school. Good luck with everything. Just take one step at a time. I just received my license after starting college in 2001. Although I didn't start with nursing right away. Focus on getting into nursing school. Everything else will fall into place, you'll see. I would just reccomend getting a job in a health care facility, even if you're a secretary. A nursing assitant would be even better and they you'd have a job lined up for after school. Sorry for repeating myself if I have. Good Luck
  10. :yeah:Yeah! So I just passed my NCLEX after the 3rd attempt and Im so happy. Although, I know I have a tough road ahead, especially the first couple years. But im not trying to think that way. I have some good experience on a med-surge floor as a CNA and all my clinicals. I feel confident. I was just wondering if anyone reading this maybe knows of places looking to hire New graduates.... :rolleyes:I had done clinicals at Delray Medical Center and they said they offered a program for new grads and to come back to work for them. I do not see anything on their website discussing that particular program. I haven't had any luck on the internet thus far.. And I also havent applied anywhere yet. I figured it would be worth asking. I would be willing to go to Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Wellington, or the surrounding areas. Thanks everyone!