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  1. Bonosgrrl

    Is this Fraud?

    The other thing I guess in Podiatry I do prescribe as in I see the patient make the diagnosis and write the script for any meds but when the office transmits it to pharmacy it's under the docs name.
  2. Bonosgrrl

    Is this Fraud?

    I have prescribing experience as I worked in internal medicine for years and I also have a psych job right now that I do 1 day a week and I prescribe there. I only do 1 day a week in Podiatry. It is not in my long term plans to be working as an NP in this capacity. I have an essential oil business and Teach alternative health classes. I plan to leave podiatry in about 2 months and just keep my psych job along with my essential oil business. I have a few companies I work with to help them utilize the oils in practice.
  3. Bonosgrrl

    Is this Fraud?

    She said the fee for additional prescribers for electronic prescribing is too much and she doesn't want to pay it. I feel I am UNDER paid for sure $50 an hour.
  4. Bonosgrrl

    Is this Fraud?

    I was told by the nursing board here in Massachusetts I do not need a collaborating physician at all if I am not prescribing. I was told it is only needed for prescriptive practice. I do not have my DEA I do not prescribe everything goes thru her for prescriptions. I see the patient and write the plan which may include a script but it goes thru her dea. She did it want to pay the extra fees to have other providers writing scripts.
  5. Bonosgrrl

    Is this Fraud?

    So we are being asked to change to provider to the physician when we do the superbill in our charting. I'm feeling uncomfortable. Yesterday for instance I saw 3 brand new patients. How can that be billed under the physician if she is not on site?
  6. Bonosgrrl

    Is this Fraud?

    I think it is only Medicare. Which is the majority of our elderly clients in the practice
  7. Bonosgrrl

    Is this Fraud?

    I work in a Podiatry practice. They bill every visit on the physicians number. I do have an NPI number as does the other NP that works with me. We work independently, physician not on site, she works opposite days. So we are seeing new patients, follow ups everything and they only bill on the physician. I know about "incident to" billing and it seems like this practice is not following those rules
  8. Bonosgrrl

    What do you do as a Psych NP?

    I work for a company that provides Psych services to nursing home residents. I mostly do medication management, address acute issues, mini mental, capacity evals. We also have CNS's that do therapy.
  9. It is not completely illegal, it can be done, just probably shouldn't be done on a regular basis.
  10. Bonosgrrl

    PMHNP vs PHMCNS murky waters scope of practice

    I am a psych NP........I went thru an adult NP program.........I mostly do med management. the CNS's that I work with do that too, but they also do therapy which I do not. also some insurances are funny, like blue cross blue shield.........if the patient is new on our service, I cannot be the first one to see them, they won't pay for an NP only CNS, but after the first visit I can see them. the CNS's I work with also do the guardianship stuff, I do not do that.
  11. Bonosgrrl

    Travel nurse practitioner

    I wonder how credentialing works? Is it done only with the travel agency or does each facility require all that credentialing paperwork?
  12. Bonosgrrl

    scheduling and late arrivals

    because I would assume the LVN is not her boss :) OP when I worked in primary care this would bug me too, it would put my day behind and I would be the one there extra doing my charting etc........ its not fair to pts who come on time, staff, and the providers. I would insist they follow their own policy, or at the very least ask YOU if you can still see the late comer
  13. Bonosgrrl

    Where did you get your license, KMart

    What I find odd about this story, is that the NP would dx without physical exam. Not saying it didn't happen the way you reported, but it is strange to me in this day of lawsuits galore that any practitioner would offer up diagnosis and treatment without a physical exam.
  14. Bonosgrrl

    Massachusetts NP Salary

    I think it is pretty standard, I am not in the city or near Boston, so maybe in Boston it would be higher, I don't know. but I think its pretty comparable, I only work part time, don't take any health insurance, my schedule is flexible, ( I make it ), and they pay my malpractice insurance and for ceu's I think you will find you will not be getting a huge pay increase when you move to the NP role. maybe even a decrease depending on where you work and how long you have been there. one of my good friends is an RN, and is at the top of the pay scale where she works, she has been there over 20 years i think and she makes $50 an hour :)
  15. Bonosgrrl

    Massachusetts NP Salary

    I am a psych np and make $40 an hour , i work part time
  16. Bonosgrrl

    Please Help, please help!!

    I am a geri psych NP and I love it. I go to several different LTC facilities, I have a flexible schedule and the money is good! My past is in primary care, I am an Adult certified NP I was going to go back for the family np post masters cert, to become more marketable, but now that I have this job I am probably not doing that. I am thinking of doing a post masters cert in psych instead. the homes I go to have NP's that also see the patients for the medical aspect. I just do psych medication management.