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  1. NNP Study Materials

    Hi all! I'm a recent MSN NNP grad and am gearing up for my exam. I was wondering if any of you have recommendations for study materials that were helpful for you? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hey there, I start my NNP program this semester and was wondering if you guys suggest any iPhone Apps for me to get to use as a reference while I'm in school? Thanks! :redpinkhe
  3. What do you thinkf of "Magnet"?

    As with anything in the nursing world I think it's important to look at the literature. Magnet Status came out of research. In the 1980's, when the nursing shortage was at an all time high and hospitals were doing crazy sign-on bonuses to attract ...
  4. Back to Sleep Campaign- When to start

    Thanks for the inquiry. Our NICU recently adopted a back to sleep policy as well. However, we chose to do it closer to discharge. Our policy is to allow elevated sleep positions until they are in an open crib and stable. Then we start the back to...
  5. Volume parameters for feedings

    I'm just curious how your units handle volume parameters for feedings? Is there a policy your neos follow or do they all "make their own rules"? I recently had a term baby (39 weeks) who came to us for rule-out sepsis due to lethargy and hypothermia...
  6. Anyone in Florida?

    I'm not familiar with the hospitals in Tampa, but there are some great ones in Orlando. Florida Hospital has a smaller NICU and Winnie Palmer is the 4th largest NICU in the nation. There are a lot of good opportunities here in Florida and the unit ...
  7. Cocaine in breastmilk?

    We had a similar issue with methadone. I can only speak from what was discussed regarding methadone, and I am aware that cocaine is quite a different drug. We had a mother who was abusing methadone and subsequently gained a newborn in the NICU that ...
  8. lost job after 5 weeks orientation

    I think you should put this on your resume. First of all, you do not need to include why you left as a part of your actual resume and when the employer questions you about the job I would say something like, "I gained a lot of valuable experience fr...
  9. NICU NURSES....labeling breast milk???

    Sorry-just realized you asked another question of me. Our unit visitation policy allows for two visitors per baby at the bedside at a time. One person must be banded and all visitors have to be over the age of 18, except that we do allow siblings o...
  10. Funny Names

    D'Lycia (Is it just me, or would this be pronounced dee-li-shia, making it sound a lot like delicious??) Kennique A'Laysia
  11. Any suggestions for props for a presentation?

    I don't know where you are in FL, but I'm in the Orlando area. If you need any of the suggested items-bp cuffs and diapers-I could get them to you if you're close by. Let me know! :)
  12. Maternal Newborn vs Low Risk Neonatal

    I am a level II NICU nurse with a background similar to yours. My original job was in a L/D mother baby unit that had nursery and peds on the floor as well. There was some debate over here as to whether I should try to study and get my NICU certifi...
  13. Help understanding monitors and apnea?

    The way our monitors work the respiration piece is not terribly accurate. It takes the baby's respirations and averages them-so they are not true to the second. So we don't use apnea alarms-only spO2 alarms and heartrate alarms. The way to tell if...
  14. Nurse Phones

    I work in a busy unit where we are issued a portable phone for the day as nurses. What I am wondering is this-if you carry a phone for the day, what do you do with it when you are on break? Do you take it with you or do you leave it with someone el...
  15. nurse hydration

    We are only allowed to have drinks in breakrooms or restrooms. We were all given the OSHA printout that mandates this-no drinks are allowed in patient care areas or anywhere that blood or body fluids might be found-so our nurses' station in the pod ...