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  1. NativePapillon

    Rock the Vote Tomorrow!!

    "People" have always cared, about the political process. It's just, some people may have lost hope, with the process, the issues, or the candidates,in the past. Maybe they didn't think their voice counted. Well, this election, may be different. This is a historical election. It's an exciting time for many. Go Obama.:wink2:
  2. NativePapillon

    How are you going to Vote - US

    Obama-Biden. Voted early. I'm so excited.:dance:
  3. NativePapillon

    Looking for history behind how RN's and LPNs developed

    Tell you what. If I take the initiative, to go get my BSN, I want to be paid my worth. I've worked with many nurses who know what to do, (LPN) but could care less about the why. Perhaps it's their level of education. Hmm. LPN programs are very popular in my neck of the woods.
  4. NativePapillon

    Please help with tips for surviving the night shift

    Are you not able to sleep without the lunesta? Do you get any exercise outside of work like, going to the gym, or walking/jogging outside? How much sugar are you consuming?
  5. NativePapillon

    Do you take any stimulants?

    I have a doggie that takes me walking twice a day. The walking helps me sleep better when I get off work in the am, and before I catnap, in the evening prior to work.
  6. NativePapillon

    Do you take any stimulants?

    I do a Mt. Dew to get quick energy, but if I don't do Dew, I use this 5 hour energy that comes in a bottle. It's like Vit B and some other stuff, with no sugar, and the "same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee" I also take sips of black coffee. Actually, I find sipping on different beverages helps me. I work the nightshift, and sometimes I'll listen to some music or watch a YouTube video (I watch/listen on my Samsung Instinct) for a quick pick me up also.
  7. NativePapillon

    Morphine doses while dying?

    Well said Pricklypear.
  8. NativePapillon

    LPN/LVN rate of pay in your area.

    Uh, you've got be kidding...right? Is this LTC or hospital?
  9. NativePapillon

    Foley caths

    Lol. I'm a woman, and that made me cringe.
  10. NativePapillon

    Decided Now Not to Pursue Nursing????

    Well put. That's how I operate. You have to break information down and make it, make sense to you. That's why we need talented educators.
  11. NativePapillon

    Grossest Thing You've Ever Seen

    Wow. God bless u, Hygiene Queen
  12. NativePapillon

    Grossest Thing You've Ever Seen

    Okay, see..this is what I fear the most. Projectile. Geez.
  13. NativePapillon

    CNN: GA nurse unable to find job, working at Red Lobster

    I'm with you guys. I think they just found someone to put into their story. She was probably waiting on someone at Red Lobster, and was going on about how she was a nurse, and blah blah. I mean, all over the U.S., from my research, there are many nursing jobs, at all levels. This story is not even about her, but more about the same ole stuff, we've been hearing about the economy in general. When I clicked on the link, I was hoping to learn more about her story, not just a paragraph. Sometimes news editors find ways of capturing our attention with headlines, and with Nursing being a career field that remains steady and growing, they had to use that header.
  14. NativePapillon

    Things you'd like to say to your co-workers, but never would ....

    Clean up after yourself. Don't leave the breakroom filthy. After you eat, throw your burger wrappers, napkins, condiments, away. Throw out your pop cans, and half filled coffee cups. Why do you leave the newspaper sprawled all over the table? Did you find it that way? Just stack it up in a pile geez. Clean up after yourself. After you give showers in the shower room, pick up the 100 towels and washclothes that you've used and take them to the soiled utility closet. Clean up your own front porch, and keep your personal issues to yourself. Who cares? All you are doing is setting up a platform of excuses, to cover 1. why you won't be coming to work for the next 4 days, 2. why you can't do your job, while you are here. Quit gossiping at the nurses station. It's unprofessional and you look plain stupid. How about, if you look me in the face, say hello or something. Just don't glare, duh, we're on the same team. Before you approach me, and I don't know you, introduce yourself, just don't come at me, with a complaint, task or what have you. I don't care who you are, manners are manners. No one is interested in hearing your cell phone conversations, nor your irritating ring tones. Do something about it. Put a smile on your face sometimes. Quit scowling at everyone. Nuff said for now. Ahh..feels soooo good. Lol.
  15. NativePapillon

    NAI descent: Roll Call

    Maternal Side-My grandmother was full blood Muscogee Creek. My grandfather's people were ancestor's of slaves, but were also Choctaw, Cherokee, but no documentation. My grandmother, saw to it that her grandchildren, were enrolled within her tribe, so that we know where we come from, as well as to enjoy and take advantage of "the benefits that come with membership" I am in no way, ashamed to say that I'm a "card carrying" tribal member. Paternal Side-Ancestors of African slaves, and Creek Freedman. I am working on my dad's mother's family tree, and have learned that they were Creek Freedman. Oh what a shame, the tribes acting to deny tribal membership to their slaves. Especially once the blood was "intermingled". You know what I mean. My card reflects that I am 1/4 Muscogee Creek. In actuality, I have more Indian blood, than can be documented. I enrolled both my children, who are considered to be 1/8 Muscogee Creek.