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  1. Liberum Vir

    Top 10 Myths of the "MURSE"

    Fun read ineed! While I had heard the term "Murse" before, today was a first for "Furse", "Moctor", "Fatient", et al.
  2. Liberum Vir

    Questions on Nursing

    The reason people may say this is because a Nurse Practitioner will typically require a Master's Degree level of education. Many community colleges offer an ASN (associates) and you can work as an RN once you complete the program and pass your boards. If you choose to continue your education to become a Nurse Practitioner, you will need to complete a BSN to be able to progress into the advanced studies of Nursing. Once you have your ASN and begin working as a RN, you should be able to either 1) transfer your ASN to a local university and continue working toward a BSN or 2) pursue your BSN through an online university program. Either way, community college is a wonderful place to begin a career in nursing. I say all this with having completed anything so far. I am in a situation similar to your own and have been researching my options and I have decided to pursue an ASN through my local community college and then go from there. Please don't ever think yourself a failure because of which college you attend. If you have issues with testing, check with your college. Many colleges have "student success" programs that are free and can certainly help with test anxiety. I wish you the best in whatever you decide!
  3. Liberum Vir

    Someone help!!

    I've not taken the exam you are talking about, but perhaps looking for a study guide or book may be in your best interests. I did a bit of searching on amazon and found this book by the NLN. http://www.amazon.com/Review-Guide-RN-Pre-Entrance-Exam/dp/0763762717/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1233230619&sr=1-3 Perhaps a bit of further searching around on the web may turn up even more help. I would personally look to some kind of study guide, and it certainly cant hurt that it is made by the people who also designed the test. Oh, and of course we can help a girl. LV P.S. Sorry I didn't see this earlier... I hope it still is soon enough to be helpful.