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  1. kiddy3

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I took my NCLEX yesterday, came home and I got the good pop up. I hope it's true.
  2. kiddy3

    Graduating RN school after struggling

    Please do not give up.... let me tell you my story and I think you will feel much better. I started my LVN to RN transition program in Jan of 2009, I was suppose to of graduated in May of 2010. I failed two classes (pedi and ob)which resulted in me getting kicked out of the program.. I was so devestated, I had vowed not to go back, but through the encouragement of one of my instructors she had me write a letter to the acceptance committe to get back in.. I did and was accepted back in August of 2010. I graduated March 10 2011. I just took my NCLEX yesterday and got the good pop up on the pearson vue website.. so please please do not give up. put everything and i mean everything on hold and just focus on your studies... It is all worth it.. I hope my experience helps to encourage you to continue.:yelclap: