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  1. I'm 37 and will graduate in May "11. I agree with the others that it is definitely possible!! = ) I have absolutely no regrets. My one thought is that my first year of clinicals I did in an evening part-time program. The teachers were awesome and the whole program was designed to work with you and help you succeed. Now I am finishing up in a full time program. The full time program is much more demanding and really taking it's toll on our family but I know i can do it ....just as you can do it!! = ) Good luck....follow your dreams!
  2. I just got home from my hospital CNA job.:nuke: You'll do fine....we spend most of our time doing vital signs, blood sugars, EKGs, etc. We aren't responsible for the mountains of info and paperwork that go along with those 2 patients in clinicals so having more patients doesn't seem that bad (to me, anyway). Sometimes I would like to know more about the patients I am working with but I have to remember I am wearing my "CNA hat" and not my "nursing student hat". I try to enjoy the fact that I can just soak up new info at my own pace. I try to learn something new every night I am there and if I am struggling with something in school it is a great place to ask questions and learn. You'll love it....hospital CNA work and nursing school make a great combination! Good luck in your new job!
  3. mtt633

    Question re CNA Vocation

    I don't know much about home health or hospice but if you have been volunteering for hospice it seems like you might already have a "foot in the door". By the way, My grandmother began working as a CNA at age 64 and was awesome! The supervisor put her on a floor that did not have much heavy lifting and where the residents were able to do more for themselves. She worked for several years and the residents and staff loved her. Good luck! = )
  4. mtt633

    CNA worth it?

    I'm also in nursing school and just started a part time patient care tech position at a local hospital.....the hospital offered paid training and tuition reimbursement. Although the hospital experience is wonderful (many more learning opportunities than my previous nursing home job = ), I would definitely not take the job for the pay alone. I agree with everyone else....I'd definitely hang on to that good paying job. = ) Good luck in school!!
  5. nighttime wakeups?? I'm with you on those!:wink2: I found that I can't study right before bed. If I do, I'll start dreaming about what I was studying about....I have to find a more relaxing way to wind down before bedtime. The gym sounds like great idea!! A few nights ago my husband and I took a yoga class. It was my husbands idea and I was skeptical about it at first but it turned out to be SO relaxing and therapeutic. I felt really calm and focused afterwards. We had an awesome teacher who was very "serious" about keeping us focused and on track. Some of the poses/breathing exercises we were doing were totally new to me and seemed so strange to me that I absolutely could not do them without laughing. Of course, even though laughing does have it's own therapeutic value it is not exactly the focused atmosphere of yoga. Anyway, I did love the class and think it might be just what I need to help me through NS! = ) Good luck.
  6. mtt633

    taking A&P and micro together?

    I totally understand your uncertainties of being able to take A&P and micro at the same time. I work, have a family, and needed to get these two science classes in this semester to start clinicals in the spring. I signed up for both classes and was scared to death of this semester. Fortunately, it really hasn't turned out to be that bad. There are at least 4 of us in micro that are also in AP II. I think all of us are doing just fine. Yes, you have to study a lot but I find that there has been a lot of duplication of material....yeah! We studied DNA/RNA replication in both classes, cell metabolism, krebs cycle in both classes. I say...go for it. If you have been an A student so far I think you can definitely do them together. :nuke: