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  1. bisacat

    Lots of young people on disability?

    ugh, I can't figure this board out....I did the quote thing and replied to your comments dance4life but it's intertwined in your post in the same font....i need to get used to posting here
  2. bisacat

    Lots of young people on disability?

    Thank you and I know, I know! I love helping people (no, really - don't roll your eyes LOL). I just get tired of the abuse sometimes! I had to call CPS twice last week and I am just a bit negative over what I see.
  3. bisacat

    Lots of young people on disability?

    Also....(sorry I forgot to mention this)... As for the comment about "being poor is getting under everyone's skin"....The POINT (again) is that these are NOT POOR people! Do we not know what poor is anymore? Cell phone, ipod, acrylics, tattoos, a $12 a DAY cigarette habit, numerous body piercings, internet, cable and the cash to buy street drugs is not "poor" IMHO
  4. bisacat

    Lots of young people on disability?

    That's like saying it was ok for the burglar to take everything in an unlocked house, because, in fact it was unlocked!! I am frustrated at the people who take advantage because they know EXACTLY what they are doing and how to do it. Do you think they waltz into the welfare office and say, "Hurry along please, I have a nail appt and need to get to the liquor store?" Do they sit in the food stamp office and text on their smart phones? No. Social workers aren't allowed to hook applicants up to lie detectors. At our local Walmart, on the 2nd of the month (when the food stamps are out) you often get approached by these freeloaders who ask to sel you their food stamps for cash so they can go get their alcohol, ciggies and drugs. I can tell you they sure aren't buying Tylenol!
  5. bisacat

    Lots of young people on disability?

    Well, of course you have!
  6. bisacat

    Lots of young people on disability?

    A 21 yr old girl told me the other day that she has a government provided CELL PHONE that you get if you get food stamps!! OMG....I have been working since age 15 and she's collecting food stamps on our dime. BTW, our local McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts is hiring.
  7. bisacat

    Lots of young people on disability?

    I was ONLY referring to the ones who abuse the system. I did not mean for this to be a "oh this poor guy I know with bi-polar...you are so hard" thread. Like I said my own stepson has the disorder. Why is it that in today's world no one has any coping mechanisms? Can't pay attention in math class? Oh you must have ADD and need meds! Can't hold a job and told off your boss? Oh, you're bipolar. Broke up with your boyfriend? You need xanax. I just think it's ridiculous!
  8. bisacat

    Lots of young people on disability?

    First of all thank you to Fribblet and CardinalRN who recognized that I was venting AND that I was referring to the VAST (sorry, but it's true) amount of drug addicts and freeloaders. We see a lot of them in our ER. If you don't in YOUR ER, know that you are lucky. We have frequent flyers. We live in a small beach town and it's interesting when the pt who claims he/she can hardly move (and, my Gawd, can't dare WORK for a living) is arrested in a bar brawl or seen body surfing. I also noticed that not one person had anything to say about the example I gave of the woman who choose her cigs, beer, nails, etc over buying Motrin for her child. While that was just an example, we see that DAILY! I think some of you missed my point or maybe I was unclear....I was referring to the seekers and the low lives. Many people are simply jerks and get labeled bipolar. I have a stepson who truly has the illness and it annoys me to hear how quick our society is to throw a diagnosis at someone and medicate them into oblivion. For the record, my stepson does NOT collect disability and works. I know all too well about chronic pain....my dad broke his back yrs ago and uses oxycontin AND percocet daily. He doesn't crush and snort them, or shoot them up. He doesn't walk around wasted, drooling on himself. He WORKS. I am venting and I am sorry if you feel I am some horrible nurse. I came HERE to vent, to talk with other ER nurses. I love my job and my pts always like being cared for by me. But like another poster above said, when we drag ourselves to work with a migraine, it's annoying to take care of someone begging for her "fast push" of IV dilaudid (you know the one, she is allergic to all NSAIDs, forgot to follow up and was here 4 days ago)....and low and behold she is disabled from monthly migraines?? One time this young girl came in with her own xray of her mild scoliosis. Yes, she was "disabled" from it. Even on meds all she can do is sit and watch TV she says. She wanted percocet. Lol, my scoliosis is awful to look at, I have awful pain from it and there I was on my knees yanking her shoes off. She didn't get any narcotics from us. 3 days later she came in my EMS, she fell while wakeboarding! Hmmm....maybe *I* need to go on disability. I'll pass on the narcotics but I'll take a warm blanket, my free sandwich, and a soda oh and hurry UP! : )
  9. Lately it seems all we do in our ER is see very young (like 19-30) unemployed, drug seekers who are "disabled" due to bi-polar or some chronic back/knee pain (that all xrays/CT show no evidence of). While there is no intention of working, these pts continue to have more and more children . I can't stand it! I actually get a rush if I triage a 20-something pt who DOESN'T have pinpoint pupils. Or falling asleep mid-sentence in my triage chair. Our docs have become tramadol Pez dispensers because they are so sick of it!
  10. bisacat

    Holding our tongues vs things we really want to say!

    When I am the triage nurse I get sooo frustrated over the abuse of the ER. What I get (some) satisfaction from is, instead of the standard "what brings you here?" etc....I say "What is your EMERGENCY today?".....I love watching these idiots short circuit. "Um...uh, well it's not REALLY an emergency but, um, I just want this looked at or some pain meds"....at which point I pause, act confused and then say something like "So you got bit by a mosquito and are here because you have a small, red, spot on your arm that is itchy?" I act flabbergasted. Or, this KILLS me....the moronic birth vessel that brings in her toddler with the 104 temp and says to me, "I don't got no aspirin (ugh!) or nothin' cause I don't got no money for that ****". I actually (politely) mention prioritizing and I suggest that different choices need to be made, the child's fever needs attention (warn against seizures and death here) and I then gently mention that mom needs to maybe (gasp) keep pediatric motrin on hand before buying cigarettes, etc (Wish I could mention the acyrlics, tattooes, cell phone, booze, etc)
  11. bisacat

    Excessive Foley drainage

    Hi everyone, I have a question, I know nursing texts say to clamp the Foley after 1 liter. Is this still what you find to be true? At what point do you clamp if at all or do you let it flow. (I am referring to urine retetion, hard distended belly, not a pt being given Lasix).
  12. bisacat

    IV start on obese pt

    Thank you iluvivt for your advice. :)
  13. bisacat

    The things you never forget...

    I will never forget the autopsy I watched when I was in an ER intern program. As fascinating as it was I could not get over how the ME just tossed and threw organs around and how rough she was with the body. I kept thinking how ignorance is bliss and what a blessing it is for the family to never ever know this. It was so voilent to watch. She would filet his organs and thinly slice them...a peice went into a jar and the rest was examined then tossed onto a cutting board. It was like watching Rachel Ray or Emeril but with blood everywhere. When the autopsy was over she literally THREW (from a distance of a foot or 2) his organs into a red bag, this bag was then tied closed and stuffed violently into the body cavity and the man was sewn up so haphazardly. His sawed in half skull was crookedly put back, his face had been peeled from his skull and that was so weird looking. The man was dropped onto a metal table with this loud thud. It was surreal. The ME had a tech helping her and his job was to cut the ribs with a regular tree trimming lawn tool and he sawed the skull top off. The tongue was even removed and put into a jar.
  14. bisacat

    Strange things people present to the ER with....

    I had a lady come in by EMS. Pt: Anxious, crying..."My skin hurts all over my body!" Woman's skin is slightly red. Doc: "How do you think this happened?" Pt: "I don't know". Doc: "It looks like a mild sunburn". Pt: "Maybe. I'm here on vacation and I did sit at the beach for a few hours yesterday." Doc: "Sunscreen?" Pt: "No. Will I be admitted? I'm in such pain." Doc: "Ma'am, you clogging up my ER and wasting an ambulance is vulgar as it is, you're being discharged with a pamphlet on sun protection."
  15. bisacat

    IV start on obese pt

    What was I doing wrong? I get this very obese lady the other day. I cannot see a vein ANYWHERE let alone feel one. I have been a nurse for 10 months and do okay at IVs. Well, I couldn't even ATTEMPT this IV because if I can't see or feel it, forget it. So I get this other nurse to come help me, I had to leave the room (I had wanted to watch) to assist another pt. Well, the other nurse got an *18* in her wrist and says to me, "She had huge veins". I felt like a fool, plus "huge veins"? Hardly. Lately I have been blowing the veins (call me the hematoma queen) or I get in but can't advance the catheter. And you know those tiny veins that look as thin as a pencil line? Other nurses can get IVs into those apparently, but not me. My confidence now sucks. At the last hospital I was at I had a lot more younger pts so I was more successful (I also had better IV supplies). At the facility I just transferred to I have a lot of very old pts who are bruised up on coumadin (with crepey purple arms), a lot of dehydrated pts. Ugh....
  16. Hi, I graduated last December. I went into a new nurse program which included only 6 wks of med surg and then I started an ER internship. The internship was 2 clinical days with a preceptor and 2 classroom days. I think (and hope) I made the right choice!