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  1. perkygyrl81


    A quick follow up..... As an out of state candidate it took about 3 weeks to receive my ATT. I think they have improved the process since this was last discussed in this forum!
  2. perkygyrl81

    Best place to work PHS or lovelace job offers at both

    Hi RNEMT, Congrats on having options! I recently relocated to Albuquerque and love it! Unfortunately, I am becoming discouraged in my job search. I am a new grad who did very well in school and worked as a CNA during that time. I have passed my boards, but for some reason I can’t get any call backs on my application. Would you mind taking a look at my resume and giving me your opinion. With 2 job offers you could be considered an expert! Thanks
  3. perkygyrl81

    2011 Job Search in Albuquerque

    Did you decide on your job options? I was able to finally visit last week. Albuquerque seems really fun!
  4. perkygyrl81


    Does anyone know how long it approximately takes to receive your ATT when applying from out of state? A previous post said 3 months but that seems like an awfully long time to wait.
  5. perkygyrl81

    2011 Job Search in Albuquerque

    I'm getting closer to the coveted PM ability! I'm not sure which facility they called about, the recruiter just asked about my general interests. I said med/surg or ER if they took new grads. That's odd that they would list the job as full time and then change it to PRN. Although I know plently of people who are PRN in name and work full time hours. What was your impression of Presbyterian ?
  6. perkygyrl81

    2011 Job Search in Albuquerque

    Hi Emily Thanks for the PM. I dont have enough posts to write you back :). I had a phone screening the other day after applying to a nonspecific RN position. It seemed to go well now i am waiting for then to get back with me to schedule something when I am in Albuquerque. How/ where was your interview? Do you live in NM if not where are you relocating from ?
  7. perkygyrl81

    New Grad moving to Albuquerque in December

    Jessicab Do you still work for lovelace? Its seems like they've really striven to make some improvements in the past couple of years. i am searching for someone to talk with who has personal experience working there. I have a phone interview this week!
  8. perkygyrl81

    ER Preceptorship

    Hi I'm starting a preceptorship in the ER and feel that im not thinking very well on my feet in the early hours of the morning. Can anyone recommend some resources for emergency assessment and intervention. For example at pt comes in with abdominal pain what do we need to rule out first and what medication and interventions would follow. Thanks,
  9. perkygyrl81

    Actual officers?

    Thanks Faraway! I’ve talked with a recruiter and a former navy nurse in my area who was active duty about 15 years ago. She had some great things to say but also told me the things she wished she would have known before she signed up. For example work schedules for her weren’t comparable to the 36 hour scheduled as a civilian. She had to work every other weekend regardless of when she worked during the week so at times she would work 5 or 6 shifts a week. Are you finding this to be the case? Also, What is your patient/ nurse ratio ? I was told by the recruiter, as a new grad, I would spend the first 2 years in med/surg in one of the 3 teaching hospitals are you finding this to be true for your ODS class? Do you feel your work area preferences are being taken into consideration? Were you eligible for loan repayment? I know everyone’s experience will be different but any info you can provide would be really helpful. Thanks again!
  10. perkygyrl81

    Actual officers?

    Farawaysoclose, Could I ask you few questions about your experience so far? I am graduating and July and will be applying shortly after. Sorry for the Public post, im not sure how to send a personal message. thanks!
  11. perkygyrl81

    Indiana University Online Pharmacology Anyone?

    Hi Berklymom, Did you take this class? can you now give me any advice?