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JoMom4 has 30 years experience and specializes in oncology, telemetry, urology.

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  1. Need Advice! Want to do oncology as a specialty

    When we are hiring for nurses in radiation oncology, we are ideally looking for someone with oncology or out-patient experience. That doesn't mean someone without that experience can't be hired- attitude and willingness to learn go far. Rad Onc nursi...
  2. Radiation Oncology position

    Hi Sungrl01 Radiation Oncology is a terrific field for nursing, but many don't understand what we do. The role of the nurse in Rad Onc is to coordinate care as a patient travels the journey from consultation, through treatment and into follow-up. It ...
  3. University of Phoenix MSN students

    Tony, Congratulations on advancing your career! I graduated UoP in June 2010 with MSN/MHA degree. I believe you get out of it what you put into it. I took it seriously and did well. I didn't think it was real hard- just takes time out of your week an...
  4. online education or not??

    Last year, I finished my MSN/MHA degree with the UoP online program. I applied for a management position at a well-respected hospital while I was 2/3 into the program. I got the position and have been promoted twice so far. I know UoP doesn't have th...
  5. CNML Certification

    I am currently studying for the AONE CNML certification exam. The list of study materials they offer seems dated to me. Has anyone taken the exam recently and how relevent is the list of study articles? Should I look up my own information based on th...
  6. University of Phoenix MSN Program

    Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I've been on this site but wanted to check back in and say that I completed my MSN/MHA at UoP last week. Took me a little under 3 years with a couple of months off last year due to a move and job change. Just want ...
  7. University of Phoenix MSN Program

    Oh yes, there are plenty of us still plugging along. I started with the MSN/MHA program in July 2007. Switched to the MSN/Ed program in April 2008 because I thought that I'd be happier teaching. Yes, I enjoy teaching, but honestly, nursing administra...
  8. Med Remediation

    In the skills lab, I have set up a "simulation" of giving AM meds. We use a med cart and mannequin with an IV. There is an administration record and the student will give po, insulin, an IV push, and an IV piggyback med. I will list the patient's vit...
  9. MSN in Education vs. NP - any advice?

    "One more comment ... I am 46 yo and just starting my MSN after working for 20 years as a bedside nurse. It is never too late and let's face it I have at least 20-25 yrs before retirement." Good for you! I am the same age and a little over half way ...
  10. MSN in Education vs. NP - any advice?

    My 2 cents- follow your heart. I have just started teaching ADN clinicals while I work on my MSN/Ed. I love clinical days! I still work 3 days a week on the tele floor, and am lucky to teach clinicals on my unit. The students really respect an instuc...
  11. Christmas Gifts

    This will be my first Christmas as a clinical instructor. As an instructor, do you do anything for the students?
  12. Clinical evaluation of nursing students

    I recently read this article about grading and the legal considerations for nursing faculty. I thought it was very informative and eased my mind a bit. grade disputes considerations for nursing faculty.pdf
  13. Question on pt with a picc line and infusing blood and TPN

    The amount of blood passing thorugh the superior vena cava (where the tip of the PICC should be) is over 2 liters per minute. There is no "mixing" due to the large volume of blood flowing in this area. As long as it is a double or triple lumen, and t...
  14. Infuriating Responses To Questions

    As students, you have a lot of information given to you to memorize. I have often found that when I give the answer, the student does not remember the information one week later. By asking questions, I am trying to help you figure it out yourself, un...
  15. Avoiding burn out

    To all new grads- Hang in there! Most of us experienced nurses feel for you and we remember well what we went through during that first year. I was a 3-yr diploma grad and I had much more clinical experience when I got out than some of you who are go...