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  1. YAY! It's been so long since I visited the thread.. Happy to see old members still helping the new ones :) How's everyone doing? How are your applications? Oh and btw, don't bother with the Citizenship yet.. you'd have to get a valid visa for you to work legally first and then onto PR then to Citizenship (which requires 4 years in total if I'm not mistaken).
  2. Hello gast! Gosh it's been soo long :) I can still remember you.. I think you asked for specific process for NBV before? Hmmm.. about your question, I think you don't necessarily need a visa prior to enrollment - I believe it's the other way around (correct me guys if I'm mistaken :chuckle). The difficulty of the course I think is subjective and depends on your study habits, the instructors, etc. You are correct too in the theoretical and clinical procedures.. not too sure about the specifics tho - I forgot to ask the people I know :S Someone informed me too that instructors play a huge part too in passing the BP. One person said that in her batch... some failed because they were handled by the senior who was very strict up to the smallest detail lol... Their instructor ,however, is strict but more supportive and was lenient at times... and so they passed
  3. As far as I know, you'll have to pay it in full. The exception is QNC where you'll pay only the number of modules you have to take or the exams if you are to go thru the Challenge test pathway.
  4. Silverdragon is right.. Just visit the thread she posted above and you'll find other people in the same situation as you who are now in the process of applying to Australia on their own BUT as an RN not as a caregiver. Be careful of the offers made by the agencies... do some research first before anything else. You can apply in Australia even if you don't have experience yet so why go study to become a caregiver? Just my two cents..
  5. No need to say sorry to me - it was just a friendly reminder for your sake. I really don't want the same thing to happen to any of you here... sorry if it seemed like I was telling you it was wrong... it was just a word of caution for everyone.
  6. Just a friendly advice. Please be careful with what you post here especially specific examples of your own experience with exams, interviews, etc. Please be reminded of what happened to one fellow nurse who was traced by QNC and was disqualified due to some posts. This is a public forum so anyone can read whatever we write here. Anyway, goodluck dear! :)
  7. yup i'm aware of this. so far, you have no thing to worry about this one because the applicants are not really affected by their decision.
  8. Hello frank and welcome to the thread :) As far as I know, you'll be needing the local license because it is one of the requirements for your application - Initial Registration certificate + Verification of local license. If you want to go to Australia right away, you can study as this do not require the license. It will be an expensive option. There are 2 types,: a 1 year course and a 2 year course which you can apply for. Both will lead to registration as a nurse in Australia. Tuition fee is from 15-24k AUD per year.
  9. For whom is this question dear? :)
  10. Wow! Forgive my ignorance lol.. this is the first time I've encountered something like this I do feel bad for someone I know :S But at least she's there now anyway.. I think goodluck dear for your IELTS! I think you should take it asap because slots are not gonna be available for a long time Good luck good luck!
  11. Hello dear :) To verify this, you would have to ask the CAS Provider. I think they will tell you which visa to apply for and I think it's 456? 676 can also be used but it depends on the provider. Btw, both 456 and 676 can be issued as single entry or multiple entry. Its validity is 3 months per stay if I'm not mistaken. Also, both visas are "pre-qualifying" visas for 457 so don't worry. :)
  12. Ramsay is okay as far as I know. Is IRON the one that was posted few pages back? If so, then I think I remember highlighting that it's for PR and Citizens only. If that applies to you then you can do that. :) Did you try sending the boards an email?
  13. Hmm come to think about it, since NBV is not a member of ANMC's Council anymore, their requirements might be a bit different from the rest for now. If all applicants are not required to pass the IELTS then it's okay as long as it's fair for all those people applying in NBV, but if not... then that's a different issue. :S Anyway, goodluck to all of you!~ hope you'll get your eligibility soon!
  14. I think she applied to NBV way before the new rules, so, I am guessing that the old rule applied to her where the IELTS score is not yet flat 7 - correct me here lol. I think it's a bit unfair to require others to pass IELTS and let others have the eligibility without it imho.
  15. Don't worry I will :) I tried to do some minor research since I'm pretty busy at the moment and found out some things that hopefully will help you. I found out that you can apply for a "conditional registration" to the state board and then you'll be required to complete a re-entry course. I have found this in NBV's website: http://www.nbv.org.au/web/guest/courses-return-to-practice-programs Now, what I am unsure of is that if those courses are applicable for IENs. I would suggest that you could probably email or ring NBV about this matter to double check. Sorry I'm not much of help to you but I hope this can lead you to the right solution for your case. :S
  16. Hello dear :) Welcome to the thread! If I remember it correctly, if you didn't practise for that long then you will have to take a return to practise course - not sure if it applies to IEN. Either way, you will have to go thru the Bridging Program or worse, they'll ask you to take a different course. I am sorry I am not that knowledgeable on your case. But! If I do find something related to your case, I'll update you! As for the courses in Australia, degree courses are on the expensive side having 15k AUD minimum tuition per year. Diploma or Trade Certificate courses are however half the price which usually costs roughly 18-20k for 2 Years. You'll find some other cheaper courses below that price but of course, I can't tell you if the school is that good. The people I know took Courses leading to being a cook, hairdresser, IT related, accounting, welfare worker, etc. Please refer to the link below for the full list of nominated occupations that you should check and the corresponding assessing bodies where you'll find the required courses for each: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1121i.pdf